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There was quite a bit of diversity among the co-workers and management which made for an enjoyable environment. During busy times when calls are back to back the work can be very taxing, but that is the nature of the business. You may also be asked to complete an assessment. Only the brand ambassadors work as independatn contractors. Our career focus isn't on growing wealth, but on helping people. You have to like working without co-workers or constant supervision.

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What Kind Of VIPdesk Connect Work From Home Jobs Are There?

Unfortunately, you're still forced to maintain full-time communications services in your secured home office, whether you get 5 or 50 hours of work per week good luck on the latter. There are no statutory or compensatory benefits, contrary to what Tony noted at the beginning of the article. Your corporation would be responsible for all that, along with federal and state unemployment taxes, which all corporations must pay.

Be prepared for kvetching, name-calling, yelling and other stressful "conversation" as you perform your duties. If a "contractor" was a statutory employee with the same expenses, VipDesk would be guilty of violating the federal minimum wage act. Sun Mar 7 I can't complain because they are very helpful when you need assistance, the problem I have the is the clients they work for right now.

If you are a contractor there are clients that VIP work for who program demands too much out of the contrctor, which makes the job not enjoyable to be honest. I would say its worth working for or contract with VIP because of the reliabilty of service and the hours are very reasonable too. The only thing I hate is working for one of their client which I can't say but I am just waiting for them to introduce another client to me so I can provide service.

Mon Mar 22 I can't complain because they are very helpful when you need assistance, Of course they're helpful. You do all the work and they make all the money. If you are a contractor there are clients that VIP work for who program demands too much out of the contrctor, which makes the job not enjoyable to be honest As I said above, be prepared for overbearing, obnoxiously kvetching clients.

I still can't fathom why anyone would do this sort of work. VipDesk works its contractors like horses and feeds them like chickens. No aspersions, but my opinion stands that only the truly desperate would do this sort of work. Standing outside of Home Depot hoping to pick up work as a day laborer what all the illegals do around here pays better and you don't have to invest in a secure office with phone and Internet services, all paid for, of course, by your corporation.

Thu Mar 25 I encourage anyone who is interested in work-at-home jobs to do their due diligence to ensure that the company with which they are applying is a good fit. I know I cannot do justice answering them all; however I have addressed several topics below: The work varies dramatically from program to program and therefore, the compensation varies.

It is necessary to do so to gain an understanding of the customer experience. Most programs have a dedicated team, which means requirements vary per program i. Examples of types of work include: Some of our programs were previously serviced by teams offshore. So, we are very happy to have the opportunity to bring these jobs back into the US.

Where one person may not enjoy providing customer service, another may truly love the work and the flexibility a work from home customer service position provides. I am happy to answer any questions. I am available directly - shurley vipdesk.

Additional information can also be found in the FAQ section of our website vipdesk. That may be, but the economics don't compute. Anyone who goes for this will soon discover what the phrase "work like a horse, eat like a chicken" means. I "work from home" in an office within my home that is comparably equipped to what VIPDesk requires and would experience some difficulty in keeping the lights on, the phone service in operation and the Internet hookup running if BCS Technology had to make do with a sporadic " Did I mention the hidden costs associated with being a corporation instead of an assumed-name company?

My interest in this VIPDesk thing is a bit more than academic. A while ago, one of my clients approached me about supplying a high-end PC for use by his oldest daughter, a recent college graduate. In inquiring about the need for such a system a box from Best Buy would suit most casual home users, especially the Twitter crowd , he mentioned that she was having trouble finding employment and was looking at VIPDesk.

The thought of being "self-employed," which a VIPDesk contractor is technically not--a VIPDesk contractor is like a "captive agent" in the insurance business--and using the Internet to find things for clients seemed exciting. Also, she is a people-oriented sort of person with an engaging personality, so customer service seemed like a good first fit. My client was trying to convince his daughter that she was going to be in for a rude awakening, but, of course, what does dear old dad know?

He approached me to talk to her about it, thinking that because I have been self-employed for many years and like Tony know a thing or two about the trials and tribulations therein, I might get her to be more objective about it. It so happened that I recalled this article and pointed her to it. As this client of mine has been with me for nearly 20 years, I also did some independent research on VIPDesk on his daughter's behalf.

The convincer in this argument was the numbers: I also showed her that short of working 50 or more hours per week assuming VIPDesk would even provide that much work--research suggests hours is more typical, producing no more than dollars per week gross , she would continue to run on the ragged edge of solvency.

My client's daughter might have been cranked up about customer service and all that, but quickly came back to earth once the cold, hard reality of cash flow was laid out before her. The fact is customer service is little more than a minimum-wage endeavor.

A lot of companies out-source customer service because it produces no profit for them, which opens the door for operations like VIPDesk and the relief from the cost of customer service employees that they offer. VIPDesk, in turn, gains similar relief by requiring that their workers set up corporations to get around the statutory definition of an employee.

The result is that the IRS views the them as indpendents contractors and VIPDesk doesn't have to bother with a payroll and benefits, not to mention all the other legal mish-mash that being an employer entails. Now, I'm not attempting to villify VIPDesk, nor am I claiming that they are engaged in anything that isn't legitimate. What I am saying is their business model is exploitative and is attempting to take advantage of those who have lost their jobs, are willing to do anything reasonable to generate an income and most importantly lack real-world experience with self-employment.

At the risk of repeating myself and despite what Ms. Hurley is saying in her above comment, VipDesk is demanding a lot for the very little bit offered in return. Please do the math before you get involved with this. Fri Mar 26 For example, if Steggy's client already had a home office for other reasons, his daughter might be able to piggy-back on that. But - I have to agree with Steggy.

To me, this looks much like the poor saps who take jobs delivering newspapers using their own cars. They make very little and ruin their vehicles to boot. They didn't have a space that could be set up as an office for her, but would have been able to build something in the basement. The cost to do so, of course, would have been part of the startup costs for the business. Naturally, that office would have had to be heated, lighted and furnished--more cost.

The point is a lot of niggling little expenses will quickly drive up the startup costs, making the whole "work for VIPDesk" equation look pretty sorry. The other, sometimes forgotten, expense to consider is insurance. Homeowner's policies generally do not cover business assets unless an endorsement to that effect is added to the policy check your declarations page. Here in Illinois, such an endorsement is not available if a home-based business is incorporated.

As VIPDesk requires that their contractors be incorporated, a separate business policy would have to be purchased to protect corporate assets, including the office space itself. It would be foolish to not do so, as the homeowner's policy would exclude the corporation's property in the event of a fire or other calamity. Complicating matters, if the fire were to start in the corporation's office, the entire loss might be denied by the insurer, as the origin was in uninsured space.

As I'm sure any reader can deduce, the cost associated with becoming a VIPDesk contractor amount to much more than merely getting phone and Internet service, setting up a PC and putting on your non-wireless, noise-canceling headset. Fri May 7 It ought to be changed to "SmartIntutiveDinosaur".

Everything you've said is right on the money. I saw an ad for VIPDesk on career builder today and thought I'd do a bit of investigation, as most work at home opportunities are scams. I found this post and after reading it realized I had inquired about this "job" several years ago and had decided to take a pass. I've been in the arts most of my adult life and have held a variety of appointment setting, telemarketing and customer service position as support jobs.

I've also supervised and helped to set up programs. The hours for these jobs were very flexible and worked in with other thing I needed to do. The cost and aggravation to set up a home office? The only reason I could see anyone wanting to do this is for the work at home aspect and even that isn't always a great option; I've done it and there can a great many distractions working at home. If this job where actually in an office I would be like any other low-level customer service position where the person arrives home every day after work depressed and full of self loathing.

I once worked for a local business that was trying to drum up some repeat business with past customers. They wanted me to call from an existing database. I was offered the opportunity to be either an independent contractor or an employee and the opportunity to work from their office or from home. I chose independent and to work at the office. I'd rather do my own taxes and they weren't going to offer benefits and I don't like the at home distraction. They decided to expand the program and add more employees.

All were given the same choice. If you worked in the office you used their phone; if at home they put in the line and paid for it. You got about 20 - 25 hours a work. Nice pocket money for the work.

Occasionally people would be surly with you on the phone, but that's par for the course for these types of jobs. The company didn't pay for internet but you didn't need it as the database was an excel spread sheet. If you didn't have excel they'd simply print the records out for you.

The program only ran about a year but it was worth the time. I'm probably spoiled from this sort of thing since that is an ideal type of situation, but I still think VIPDesk is exploitative. And, I've been one of those newspaper delivering schlumps, even phone books.

It destroyed the suspension on my car and yet I'd still rather do that. Sometimes it's better to just pass and keep looking for something better. I'm sure sorting through mountains of paperwork will pay better than being a VIPDesk concierge.

Steggy thinks that is a burden on businesses and the IRS. For almost all businesses, our accounting software will create the forms with zero extra effort by us. It will cost us a small amount of postage. Very small businesses will do these by hand. Finally, all of the IRS matching is obviously computerized.

No extra employees, unless for enforcement when the computers catch the cheats. I think this is a good thing. If enough Steggies yell loud enough, this will disappear. Sat May 8 That only works if the is MICR-encoded, for which there is no statutory requirement.

In any case, of all the government agencies, the IRS is the least modern when it comes to computer technology. They're catching up, but relative to the volume of paperwork they have to do, they're still processing with hand-held calculators.

BTW, this requirement in Obama-care could potentially add billions of pieces of paperwork to the glut already received by the IRS.

They definitely will have to hire people to deal with it, paid, of course, with our tax dollars. Whatever happened to the Paperwork Reduction Act of ? Here's the preamble of that act: Purpose The purposes of this subchapter are to-- 1 minimize the paperwork burden for individuals, small businesses, educational and nonprofit institutions, Federal contractors, State, local and tribal governments, and other persons resulting from the collection of information by or for the Federal Government; The Obama-care requirement sure doesn't sound like it follows the spirit, let alone the letter, of the PRA.

Hardly the first time: I personally look at the pay, and the cost of running the business. While I love some of their company clients, I feel VIP is a middle man, and not worth being bothered with at this point. If they changed and made you an employee and paid half the taxes THEN and only then would it be worth it.

I agree strictly on a math level, this is a bad idea. I've paid self employment tax and the only way VIP gets away with this is keeping you at part time hours. I really have no idea how they get around contracting tax laws, if you have no other clients besides them, it's sticky territory. It sounds wonderful on the outset, but I've run a business before. It's no fun busting your butt only to realize you've been working for free. Thu May 13 As a matter of fact they have treated her so well that I am applying.

I found it interesting that comments state that only uneducated hopeless people apply at this sort of job. I am working on my Masters in Business and my wife has a Bachelors in early education. She works part time as a teacher. I am applying simply because I have to be on the computer with my homework anyway, and I will definitely have time to do my work in-between calls. My wife has worked full 8 hour shifts with only one call.

She gets to play games or even have supper with the family if we go in there with her while she is waiting on a call. VIPdesk is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Only the brand ambassadors work as independatn contractors. I can't believe how many spoiled people are on this blog. A lot of people actually work hard for a lot less money. Fri May 14 I decided to leave a post again with my e-mail linked to the board because it looks like some of you really are curious and are not venting about something you do not have a clue about.

VIPdesk is not a paperboy job where you wear out your car. If you don't have a home office and high speed internet, maybe the expense is not for you, but let me defend a company both I and my wife love. We have the office because of the BBB Accredited business that I own, and we already have high speed internet because of business and school. We are both educated, and I have a pretty good income without VIPdesk, but I am applying for a position just because of how awesome my wife's experience has been.

She is able to give away hours almost immediately if we have something important come up, and she is able to pick up hours if she wants the money. VIPdesk is the only company that I have ever known to actually overpay on many of the paychecks. She only has 1 call per hour on average, and some nights she may have 1 call in a full shift.

She gets paid to sit and play on Facebook or learn Spanish via Rosetta Stone. She quit teaching full time simply because VIPdesk is so awesome that even if she is working, she still gets to hang out with the family and kids. If she gets a call we are quiet or we leave the room for a minute. When she is not working this is our home line. We actually save money with high speed internet by not having to pay the high costs of long distance on a land line.

My wife loves the team she works with, and many of them live close enough to visit every now and then. If you live alone, the office thing is not even an issue The reason for an office is to keep the noise away. You need a corded phone and locking filing cabinet because if you get a position like my wife, you may work for a bank and your files may include information that does not need to be accessed by everyone passing through your home.

Corded telephones keep the neighbors from getting social security numbers, etc I can not believe how many people pass around opinions with no real experience in a subject or no basis for their claims. The number of whiny people who apparently do not know what it means to work hard for a few bucks also astonishes me.

I normally spend hours per night after work, working on homework for my Masters. Anyone who has actually worked at VIPdesk loves the job or they are one of those people who are unhappy at everything they do anyway.

VIPdesk is awesome, and this opinion comes from someone who has watched the company reward all of its employees continually with gifts, cash and fun games during work for over a year while my wife has worked there.

I own a BBB Accredited business with 12 employees, so I am not a paperboy; I am a person who believes this is the best company I have ever watched in the works. I modeled management aspects of my business after some of the things I have learned from VIPdesk through my wife I am not a competitor by the way , and I plan on joining the VIPdesk team as soon as possible. The consierge positions are employee payroll positions with benefits.

For the people who assume that corporations have tons of "hidden" costs compared to single or partner owned businesses You can write off your equipment and personal salary and actually show the corporation making absolutely no profit. This is how most small business owners operate if their accountant has any sense at all. If you don't get a tax return at the end of the year then you must be single without write-offs, or your accountant needs to be replaced.

If you are an employee of a corporation, the corporation pays payroll tax and so do you. The corporation may or may not pay income taxes, but there will always be at least yearly fee for the privilege of being incorporated. In most states, you also have to pay unemployment taxes.

Having been self-employed for many years, I'm pretty sure that I have a teensy-weensie idea about "how taxes work. In addition to the above, forming a corporation requires the payment of filing fees and, most likely, the services of an attorney. An attorney's services are usually retained to handle such matters as filing the annual report mandatory , calculate dividends if any and dealing with other legal incidentals that a sole proprietorship or partnership normally wouldn't encounter.

Corporate accounting is much more complicated than that for a sole proprietorship or partnership, which means the services of a knowledgeable accountant are essential. Also, anyone who works for a corporation -- including the CEO -- automatically meets the legal definition of an employee, which means the corporation must have a payroll and must provide workers' compensation which is obtained by purchasing insurance -- yet another expense , formulate a human resources policy I know In any case, it all sounds like a lot of "hidden expenses" to me, but what do I know.

I'm just a big dumb dinosaur. Tue May 18 I also feel that the pay justifies the work that I do for them. I have many years experience in the customer-focused arena, including travel-related and insurance-claims experience. You're either willing and capable to do the work that VIPdesk offers, or you're not.

It's not as complicated as some would attempt to make it out to be; it either works for you, or it does not. For the privilege to sit home and direct customers to simplify their busy lives by assisting them with, oftentimes, simple requests, is more like stealing money than it will ever seem to be a rip off.

I have a plan to grow with a company that allows me to utilize my skill-set, my customer-interaction experience, and the capacity to work 'out of the box'; VIPdesk does that for me. It is my personal choice to work from home, and I am most fortunate to have landed such a position. Most people who care to do this type of work are not versed in the legal mumbo-jumbo that 'the dinosaur' has presented. Some people just want to know the time, not how the watch was made.

That is to say, some folks just want to pursue what they enjoy and, I do, indeed, enjoy my work , and as I mentioned before, either you're capable, or you're not. Corporate taxes are harder to complete than a partnership. As a partner, we did taxes separate and claimed our parts of the business as a part of our personal taxes as self-employment income. Corporate taxes are more complicated because I now pay for two separate tax finilgs and I have to keep more accurate records of all of my write-offs; however, I have saved a significant amount of money since incorporating as far as taxes go.

If you have a good tax guy, incorporating not only saves your tale in a liability lawsuit, it also saves a lot of tax dollars compared to the self-employment tax partnerships imposed on partnerships and sole-proprietorships. I have been a part of all three. Yes, the big dinosaur is correct about corporate taxes being more complicated and you will have to pay a good tax guy. Bottom line, incorprating saves money but only if you are organized and keep the records straight.

VIPdesk is a good company to work for, I know three different people who work there and I have to say it is rare to hear people who talk so positive about their job. Fri Jul 9 There have been those here that have commented on the pay not being worth the "abuse" from the callers and or clients. As a call center veteran I can tell you, that goes with the territory. I have seen that every where I have worked. For the phone company,cable company, credit card company, as a telephone operator dial 0 and so on.

Everyone is unhappy some of the time, and some people are unhappy all of the time. To be brutally honest, I would think a pay of bucks an hour or more would be barley close to making that kind of abuse worth my time.

But thats not how the world works. As a customer service agent it's our job to deal with these jerks, try to shift their focus and resolve the issue. I can also tell you across the board ALL virtual call centers have similar requirements. There are expected growing pains, but only seem to be getting worse. Presently, we get the added bureaucracy without the associated opportunities or benefits i. It might be a matter of time before redundant positions are eliminated.

Change in direction from parent company has meant most people are not currently eligible for new senior positions as they were groomed in different areas than what is being identified for VP level. As a result, many people have hit a ceiling. I have worked several projects for this company and feel the employee always is considered when there are changes. A good work from home environment. I was very happy working at VIPDesk.

There was quite a bit of diversity among the co-workers and management which made for an enjoyable environment. Sometimes the work from home aspect was challenging because your office is in your home and you can tend to blend work and home too much, but that can be managed.

But by the same token, work from home was a great thing in that it allowed flexibility to have more work-life balance. Work from home environment! Assist clients with research in regards to travel, shopping, entertainment and more. Work cross functionally with team to assist clients in a time sensitive manner!

If you like dealing with different people of different personalities then this would be the place for you. It was nice to work from home. This was a work from home customer service. Your home office should be a separate room in your house that is secure. In other words, it should have a door you can lock. This helps keep sensitive information confidential. Your workspace should also be quiet and free of distractions — no pets or kids allowed. There are some opportunities for Mac users too. Again, VIPdesk Connect does a really great job of clearly marking listings when Macs are not acceptable.

A proper headset needs to have a noise cancelling microphone and plug in via USB. You can find an affordable USB headset on Amazon. The good news is VIPdesk Connect does not require a landline. All calls are taken over the internet. That means your connection must be high-speed and reliable.

To meet the speeds and connectivity requirements, your internet needs:. Not sure what your speeds are? Go ahead and test them over at speedtest. You can always upgrade your computer or call your internet service provider to see if you can change your service. But, keep in mind, VIPdesk Connect will not reimburse you for any costs. If you meet the residency, tech, and internet requirements, go ahead and apply! You can also create a profile.

Creating a profile is not the same thing as submitting an application for a specific job listing! Your profile will help match you to future openings as they come available.

Learn how you can create a work from home resume that stands out from the crowd. You may also be asked to complete an assessment.

VIPdesk Connect Salaries

If customer service is the heart of VIPdesk, then our employees are the blood. We continually recruit and cultivate highly capable professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds to join our work-at-home virtual team in providing top notch customer service. classification, and tenure with VIPdesk Connect but may include: Work/Life. Aspire Lifestyles (formerly VIPdesk) is a virtual call center BPO and virtual assistant company that hires home-based workers. The leadership of VIPDesk really try hard for their team, and compared to other work at home call center jobs this is definitely one of the best. They do make a serious attempt to listen to the rank and file/5(43).