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He worked as a general contractor, and volunteer talk show host at UC Santa Barbara in We don't want to ever do that. We think it's going to come soon. And instead of putting people back to work, under this president, the number of Americans dependent on government is surging. No one holds the administration accountable, and nobody demands the truth. They're a state sponsor of terror. Centre Island, New York , U.

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David French at National Review covered this:. He is the source of the document dump, not Russian hackers. Thus, the key elements of the Russian interference story are a hoax. There is no Russia scandal. Congress, investigate Seth Rich Murder! JulianAssange made comments u need to listen to! Newt Gingrich got into the act as well: It was this young guy who, I suspect, was disgusted by the corruption of the Democratic National Committee.

The reason people want to believe the conspiracy is because it relieves it allows people to think Russia played no role the hacking of the emails. Interestingly enough, do you know who does not buy into the conspiracy?

Anyone who claims to have such evidence is either concealing it from us or lying. Still, conservative news outlets and commentators continue, day after painful day, to peddle discredited conspiracy theories that Seth was killed after having provided WikiLeaks with emails from the DNC.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. The nation today, economically speaking, is far better than it was at the end of George W. You can't argue, Laura, about wages not going up and then be opposed to a raise of the minimum wage That wouldn't solve it. That doesn't solve it. I don't have any -- if we want to raise the minimum wage, if that's what really floats your boat, then let's do that and close down the border so we don't have people flooding the country still lowering wages for the working poor and the middle class I thought that she was right about some -- when you keep screaming fire in the theater, people at some point are going to say But there are millions of Americans out of work, millions of Americans in poverty and food stamps, and he put them there!

He's done nothing to help them! And Gerald- and, Sean, I would just say, you know, Nikki Haley is a lovely person, is a lovely woman, but I mean, we have, like, 50 percent of the Republican voters in her state who are right now supporting Trump or Cruz! I mean, what's the point of, like, attacking those people as loud or they're somehow anti-immigrant? They just want the country to work better. And coming up, reaction to the president's State of the Union address, and of course, Iran releasing those U.

And welcome back to "Hannity. Navy sailors, President Obama made no reference to that outrage during the State of the Union address. Instead, the president praised the Iranian nuclear deal. Good to see you all. Frank, you were focus-grouping last night.

I think it's one of the worst deals I've ever seen in my life. I went over that earlier with John Kirby. What was the reaction of your focus group? I have to give you credit first. You've been very tough on your guests from time to time, asking them very challenging questions. Sean, I listened to your interview. And you prosecuted this case. You demonstrated Iran's culpability better than anyone that I've seen, and you deserve tremendous credit because you got the State Department finally to admit the truth.

It's one of the reasons I've encouraged people to go see "13 Hours. But you know what? You've got what, 2 million, 3 million people who watch you every night. You've got 4 million people, 5 million who listen to you every day. You've got more impact than you realize. And that interview should be played as often as possible because it teaches people how to get the truth out of this administration.

Our audience laughed when Barack Obama talked about Iran giving up its nuclear weapons. Even some Democrats laughed because they simply don't believe this government. And as that speech is being given, of course, these Americans being taken -- I'll use the word "hostage. No one holds the administration accountable, and nobody demands the truth.

And those two attributes, accountability and the truth, are exactly what the public is looking for. They don't believe they get it from Iran. They don't believe they'll get it from this agreement. And thank you, you just did a tremendous service for the country. You know, Lou, you know the economy better than anybody I know. You and Neil Cavuto are two people I really count on when I want to know information about the economy.

I just rolled off in my rebuttal to the State of the Union, you know, labor participation rate, poverty rate, unemployment rate, all of these numbers, all of -- all these millions more Americans suffering under this president -- foreclosures, et cetera.

How bad is it, in your view? And you're exactly right. In your response to the State of the Union, you're talking about reality. But whether it's Iran, as you prosecuted the case, as Frank said, so ably, with John Kirby, the former admiral at the State Department as their spokesman - - I mean, there's no answer beyond it's a mess. There are people in pain.

And we can talk about a five percent unemployment rate. The reality is that when you take into account the discouraged workers that you mentioned, the people who have detached themselves from the workforce, given up, I mean, we're talking about a double digit unemployment rate. We're talking about wages that haven't grown in this country for the middle class in the last 30 years. We have to get to the reality. And we have a president who is creating a new reality. He calls it a fundamental transformation, but whether it's foreign policy, whether it's domestic policy, whether it's economic policy, whether it's Iran, this is nothing more than fantasy.

Let me ask you this. If I'm a CEO, Lou, or CFO of a company, and I decided to do math the way they do in Washington, you don't count the chronically unemployed or the long-term unemployed, why do I think that I would be handcuffed, fingerprinted, perp-walked, and put in jail for a long time? How do they get away with these phony numbers?

Because it has become, you if will, the code, the language and the value structure of both political parties over the course of time. We have two political parties right now that are not buying in the open. We are watching a presidential campaign, in my judgment, Sean, that is the most open, the most revelatory, the most engaging in my career.

I don't know what Frank would say to this, but I'll tell you, the American people are watching what is happening up close. They are watching our combativeness over issues that matter, whether it's illegal immigration, whether it's free trade, whether it's Russia, whether it is minority unemployment and the quality of life for all Americans.

I mean, we are watching candidates who can't seem to -- who before couldn't seem to speak the truth who are now being engaged and I think principally, and I'll say it out loud here, principally because Donald Trump brought it, and he means to have a direct, open dialogue.

And the nation, if nor nothing else, owes him for that. And Charles, you've been a support of Mr. Trump, and you cannot deny the numbers. Now it's just a matter of do people show up for him? And you know, watching the State of the Union address last night, and sort of the -- I found my head exploding after nearly every line, especially when he turned on Republicans and began lecturing them about how they need to put away the voices of their base and start, you know, legislating from a more noble high ground.

It was absolutely mind blowing. And this is why so many people are flocking, I think, to Donald Trump. But going back to what you said, Sean, not only would you be frog-marched into prison if you ran a company with accounting practices the way these people do, if you ran a retirement fund for people the way these people run Social Security, you would be shut down, put in jail for running a Ponzi scheme. Lou, I was watching you after the last debate. I ran into in the hall and I said you did a great job both pre and post-debate.

We'll be watching tomorrow night. Are you going to be there? I'm going to be there. We'll be kicking it off at 5: It's going to be a hoot. We're sort of kind of fielding and finding our way. Thanks for taking my audience.

We really appreciate you taking my audience for the night. No, we're only kidding. You've earned every bit of it. And of course Lou will have all the coverage post-debate. Every leading economic issue, on the major economic issues, black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories. So for the last ten years it's not been good for black folk. To say that is so insulting, Kirsten, it's hardly worth mentioning.

You wrote the best column I have ever seen. And it's about You know, this allegation is not going away, is it? No, it's definitely not going away. And the point of my column is that during that time period, and I recounted a lot of the ways that women were talked about by Democrats, no less. The dismissal of Paula Jones as essentially trailer trash and things like that. People just aren't going to tolerate that kind of stuff today. And I think that what Debbie Wasserman Schultz said is falling in a similar category.

It's no longer OK, thankfully, to say that a woman only is being called on, a governor of a state, is only being called on to do the response to the State of the Union because she's a woman and she's a minority, right.

And hopefully we're getting to a point where this is a line that people are recognizing just shouldn't be crossed. I think Donald Trump has done us all a favor, Katie, by saying you can accuse me of sexism like happens every presidential election?

No, I'm putting it right back on you. And it really seems to have silenced the Clintons on this because there's so much vulnerability. Well, I certainly appreciate Donald Trump bringing up the Clintons and especially Bill Clinton's misgivings towards women. I don't know if we can't say that he hasn't had his own war of words on women.

But when it comes to the situation But Katie, their words, the allegations against Bill -- I'm not talking about the consensual relations, which were numerous. But these are serious charges of assault. I am not saying they're equivalent. In fact, I wrote an entire book about this very issue, including an entire chapter on Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and how Hillary Clinton essential enabled Bill Clinton and allowed him to get away with sexual assault and accusations of rape against women.

And the bottom line here is this -- progressives have to come to terms with this idea that Hillary Clinton is running on a platform about being all about empowering women. She's running on a platform of standing up for sexual assault victims. It's very difficult to do that when you were engaged not only in the cover-up of what was going on with these women, but you also helped drag them through the mud.

Let me ask Kirsten this. Do you agree with Katie on that? Do you agree that Hillary has the big problem in terms of the enabling part? Well, I think that, yes, maybe it needs to be proven more, and maybe Katie does this in this book, because people say this a lot, but then a lot of it is hearsay. I know Carl Bernstein had reported in his book about Hillary being very integral to working with Betsy Wright with the so- called bimbo eruptions and things like that.

So I think there have been a lot of accusations about Hillary doing that. But even if she hasn't done that, frankly, she would still have a problem. And this is what I wrote about in my column.

She's tweeting out the standard feminist line now that all sexual assault victims must be believed. What that means is they must be believed even when they've been discredited. And so she's put herself out there taking up this mantel in order to panders to certain voters, frankly, and she's going to hold other people accountable to that, then she is going to have to be accountable in the same way.

On every leading economic issue, on the major economic issues, black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories. So for the last 10 years it's not been easy for black folk. Tavis Smiley not mincing words. We might agree tonight. Good to see you, my friend. We go back, we've been friends for a long time.

We started our careers together, literally, on some other network. I have great respect for you. I'm glad you're telling this story, because under Barack Obama black America has not done well, nor has the rest of America. But you specific are talking about black America. First of all, thanks for having me on, as always. First of all, as to the poll, it's unfair to lay race relations worsening at the feet of one guy.

No one guy is responsible for race relations. He has a lot of things he did get done and other things he didn't get done. I just don't want to blame all that on one guy. And in some ways we green-screened Obama thinking he could do anything and everything. You brought up the book, though. The book came out originally 10 years ago before Obama ever showed up to run for president and win in So this is not about him per se, but it is true that 10 years after this book black Americans have lost ground in every major economic category, and that's just unconscionable and unacceptable.

Listen, I laid out my response to the State of the Union. America's in decline, I don't know what your life was like growing up. If I didn't have jobs in the summer when I was kid, I'd be in trouble.

I don't know about you. That would be for me. I always had a job. And 50 percent of black teenagers can't get a summer job. That tells me, what are their options? They're going to be hanging out with their dopey friends like I would have been hanging out with my dopey friends.

I couldn't agree more. I had a job every summer myself. I know that feeling. We've been raised the same way. I think the problem is this, that the suffering of black people for too long, even prior to Obama, the suffering of black people has been rendered invisible. Poverty is now threatening our democracy. It's now a matter of national security as far as I'm concerned. And so not enough has been done. I judge this president like I judge any other president.

So it's not about Obama bashing. For me I judge you by Kingian standard. King talked about what he called the triple threat tearing our democracy apart. What was the triple threat? Racism, poverty, and militarism. So I look at the president and give his laundry list of things he thinks we ought to judge his legacy on, and he's got a lot done.

Don't get me wrong. A lot of headwind, a lot of obstruction, and he got a lot done. But on racism, poverty, and militarism we lost ground.


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