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Work at Home Nursing Jobs: For Fall , we are looking for scorers with teaching experience in the following fields I have scored many tests for ETS in the last four years and always pass so I know what I am doing We both tried to reach out to Pearson many, many, many times, by email and phone to no avail. You may have already heard of this one as there is a WriteScore review on this blog. When I went in the notary commented that they ask for a lot of personal information copies of my passport. Mechanic September Kitsap Transit 6 reviews.

WriteScore – Write Score often hires people to work from home grading standardized tests. This company works with elementary, middle, and high school students. This company works with elementary, middle, and high school students.

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SAT essay scorers can work either part-time or full-time in either four, six or eight-hour shifts by grading SAT subject matter essays. Scorers are first required to pass their ETS qualifier exams. This site works with teachers and students to evaluate students on their reading comprehension and ability. This company is similar to Pearson in that scorers score educational exams and essays.

Unlike Pearson, however, the work is project-based and scorers must apply to and obtain approval for each project. Once approved, scorers sign up for set work shifts. WriteScore typically posts its job opportunities to career sites like Monster and CareerBuilder, not to its own website. The training itself is unpaid.

If you enjoy helping students and are a meticulous worker, you should consider becoming an online test scorer. There's only ONE program I really recommend. Click here for the exact formula I followed. Halina Zakowicz is a full-time freelance writer, investor and aspiring sci-fi novelist. Anyone understand how they do this? Two deposits were made directly to my bank…one was for my regular hours worked and one was for my bonuses. You can get a paid 15 minute break only if you work 4 hours straight without taking any breaks of your own in between.

You can add that time yourself in your Oracle time sheet section. Go to the time sheet that needs to be updated and change the time for the day to include your break time. You need to add a note in the box as to why you are changing your time. Click recalculate and then save.

I am in the same boat. I have been calling scoring support to get a little clarification. Maybe a few tips. I have been on the phone, on hold, for 2 hours over the last 2 days. I need to qualify, but am scared to do so until I get a little clarity.

I am pretty sure I am going to bomb it at this point. Is anyone else having difficulty with their scoring percentage? I am surprised, because I have 26 years of teaching experience in this grade level, a masters degree, and I am a national board certified teacher.

Can anyone help me figure this out? I would really like to keep this job. I can use the extra money! Also, they only check some of your scoring. They only checked 11 of the ones I scored out of the I scored on one day. Hope that sort of helps. I am a year veteran in ELA education and am losing my confidence in my abilities. It is frustrating to take something so subjective and expect scorers to come up with the same scores when the information seems to contradict itself from one item to the next.

I would be more comfortable with a checklist. I logged into Onboard and completed all of those tasks and mailed in my I I even emailed human resources but no response as of yet. Does any one have any ideas?

It would be greatly appreciated. You will have to get your employee ID number that came in the email that told us about training. Unfortunately, the wait times have been huge with the start of the new scoring project. Maybe get on the phone as early as they open. The website has specific information about requirements. I have a biology degree but just started scoring Algebra I as I have a strong background in math and feel very comfortable with the subject.

Completed my first day of scoring yesterday and hit all of my target percentages. My first day frustrations included the website being wonky and being down for a while, their computerized system not logging in my hours and items scored accurately, and there being long phone wait times for help. Hoping all of this will smooth out today. Keep track of your hours worked as you can adjust your time card if needed.

I enjoyed my first day despite the first day challenges. Not sure about other sections. Not sure if amount is different if scoring something else. Minimum is 20 hours a week, but can score up to 40 hours per week if you want. I applied early March, received my offer about two weeks later.

After I accepted I was sent an email with a list of tasks to complete. Positions are filled in the order employment paperwork is completed. If you submit forms that are incorrect or are not complete, you will not move forward in the hiring process until updated forms are received by our office. If you wait until the end of the window to complete all of the requirements, you may run the risk of not being able to work this project.

I completed the paperwork, sent my I-9 and kept my fingers crossed I got it all in on time. About a week after that I got an email saying my file was complete and I would receive a welcome email with passwords and usernames. My biggest concern was if there were certain hours I would have to do training, which there are not. I received an offer in February to begin scoring on April I completed all the requirements six weeks ago and received an email on March 8 stating my file was complete, and that I would be getting a welcome email prior to my training.

It is two days prior and still no email. I have emailed two different email addresses to find out when I can expect it but received no responses. Finally got an offer 2 weeks ago I applied in , clicked accept and went through the steps. I never got any confirmation that my acceptance went through, so I called the next day to confirm. They said I should have gotten an email with the info for onboarding. I completed all the tasks, even got a notary for the I Got an email this Monday saying my file was complete, and I would soon be getting my welcome email.

Then WHY not state that in the initial email, and why let people go for 2 weeks thinking they have a guaranteed job? Anyone else share this experience? Those of you that have done scoring work for Pearson in the past, could you explain the scheduling that is mentioned in the welcome email?

Do I have to set a certain schedule and adhere to it, or can I score whenever I have time, as long as I complete the set number of hours? Being able to score whenever I have time will be ideal, but a certain set schedule that must be followed will be difficult.

Thanks for you time! In my experience, you schedule yourself a certain number of hours per day, but not the exact times. It could be different depending on the exam being scored, though. Personally I can only do this job while my son is being cared for by my husband or mom, because you need to be able to concentrate. I have worked for Pearson going on eight years.

They are a good company to score for. I am a little peeved that they have essentially gone from paying by the item as in piece work to an hourly wage.

I am hoping that this will return soon. Other than that, they are great and really supportive and the staff are very nice and professional. Fun and Great company. I applied a year ago and also just heard this week.

My biggest question is it says work schedule Mon-Fri, but then elswhere in the email it says their workweek goes Sat-Friday. Does this mean I have to log all 20 hours in during Mon-Fri? I am hoping it means that is just when the students take the test. I am very interested and would love money to supplement my current teaching salary.

I will let you know when I hear back from them so we can get an accurate idea of how long it takes for them to respond. I also applied for a position as an at-home scorer about one year ago and heard from them this year new scoring season I suspect. Trying to decide which is the best option for me.

I recently went to the Pearson website to complete an application. At the site I was asked to create credentials, which I did. What usually happens next? I have successfully scored and would like to work at home on this project. Is there a way to contact Pearsons for a bit more info on the scoring at home jobs.

It would be nice to have some basic questions answered before applying. I have scored for PEarson as an at-home scorer since Great company, very flexible to work with especiall if you have kids at home. Not for everyone — especialy if you need consistent year-round income but since you can work whenever typically anytime between 7 am — 11 pm central time it is easy to work around another job. They get high reviews from me! They are a large company and one of the major players in school testing.

I started out working for them at one of the local testing centers on site. I started working for home for them a few years back.

It actually gives you an idea of just how legitimate they are. You are an employee when you are working, not a contract worker so they need proof of eligibility to work. Most at home work is contract. You hours build up over the years you work for them if it is only a couple of weeks which, again affects your pay. If there is a scoring center in your state located nearby it would be good to work on site if you get a chance to help with understanding the work better.

I just applied, literally! I was asked if I was interested in a supervisory role as well. I am uncertain whether that is general protocol.

I will re-post as things progress. Pearson is a real company. I work for them now in their scoring center in mesa, az and have driven by their huge production and scoring center in iowa city, iowa thousands of times. They require bachelors degrees and verify them through a third party. When I went in the notary commented that they ask for a lot of personal information copies of my passport.

Can anyone help alleviate my fears? I have been scoring for Pearson during the spring state standardized testing season for 6 years now, will be my 7th year and I enjoy it. The hours are very flexible. You can grade early morning to late at night, there are hours on the weekend as well.

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Test prep and scoring jobs are other avenues for education professionals to put their experience and education to work (from home). This list names some of the companies with test prep and scoring jobs. 6 Scam Free Test Scoring Jobs. ETS – Work is per project, and there’s a training process for each project. A 4-year bachelor’s degree is required, and experience in the subject is required for most projects. Pay differs per project, but the forums say most pay $$18 per hour. Pearson – Hires a work at home test scoring position. Must be located in the . Constructed-response scoring professionals are part-time employees who are Readers for the College Board's Advanced Placement ® (AP ®) Program or other testing programs, and/or Raters associated with ETS's TOEIC ®, TOEFL ®, Praxis ® and GRE ® programs. Work schedules are varied and cyclical throughout the year, depending on the number .