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I don't need the Milestone!!! Once I took an Aikido class. Oops, your browser does not support Javascript. The web designer must be familiar with the common tools used for interactivity: Friday, April 13, WordPress theme designing is a growing and lucrative field in web design.

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Give your client estimates on miscellaneous expenses such as research, travel expenses, etc. Be up front with your client about this, have a mutual agreement and put it on paper before starting on any project. You are probably one of those who chose web design because you are passionate about it; or not. You may have chosen it because your father owned a design company and he wanted to integrate you into it.

Or because you started off as a content writer and after writing on design topics for two years you decided to give it a try. Regardless of where you come from, pretty much all of us head the same way: However, there are endless possibilities for us in the web design world — it is quite easy to grow both in skills and personal experience. Each one of us has a life planned and a path he wants to follow, even if there are many overwhelming challenges to get through. Answering this question is not easy to do and to get the best answer you need to look back at how you started.

What feelings did your first job give you? Did you become a designer by accident, or was it something you always planned? Do you want to work as a designer for your whole life, or is it just something you want to use to get a bigger role in the future?

It is important to answer these questions because each aspect brings about different outcomes. Some future outcomes bring much more than the others, and if you always wanted to become a web designer, then it is highly likely you will always be happy with your career choice. Designing only for the money might not make you so proud of yourself — Steve Jobs once declared he would rather go to bed every night knowing he did something great the previous day than being the richest person in the cemetery.

There are lots of reasons why an individual wants to be a designer. You might be a creative person, like the fact that you have the opportunity to work freelance, enjoy mixing both left and right brain work by coding and designing at the same time or enjoy working in a sector that is growing. Of course, there are many other reasons, but these seem to be the most popular.

If you still need to plan your career path, then there are two things you should do. First, make a list of things that make you get up all excited in the morning when you go to work. Then, make a list of things you think should be improved. Afterwards, make a short narrative about how your career has been to this point. Lots of new job descriptions are written every year, so you might as well be the creator of your new job if you feel like it, but you first need to know where you want to head to to reach that point.

If you are in the field because you are a creative individual , then design is definitely for you. You can be the creative director of a company because creative people tend to do really well when being in charge of a focused area of work. They might not be the best managers or business people, but they are definitely great at managing teams in their field.

If your main skill is flexibility , you are most likely what every company owner looks for. You can be everything, from outsourcing partner to company partner. You probably have the highest chance of living the dream and creating your own business. You probably like managing people, being in charge and taking care of every small detail — then this is for you. You can step by step decrease the number of hours worked for others and increased the hours spent on building your own company.

In a few years, this company might bring you money without you having to lift a finger. You can develop interfaces, applications and even advise people in regards to what might be best for them when they decide to create a website. If you want to aim as high as possible, right now that would probably be Apple.

I doubt there is better design out there, both for their web identity and for their products. However, I advise you that being in something for the money only brings short term enjoyment and you might have to change careers several times throughout your working life. In the design field, you would be suitable for an executive staff job more than a regular day to day coding job. You can also start your own business, and if you are flexible and good enough, this will make good money for you.

What you want to achieve also depends on what you want to focus on. Do you want to provide for your family and make sure they have everything they need? Do you want to offer services for the small companies who need start-up help? Do you want to provide services for specific communities only? I have a friend who owns a company that focuses on churches.

They only design for churches and they have quite the portfolio. It is totally up to you what you focus on, but remember every decision you make will reflect upon you later in your career. To give you a more specific answer, Mark Zuckerberg makes donations.

Adriana Huffington wrote about how to maintain your health if you live and work in a fast-paced digital environment. Every one of those is a legacy they left behind.

What is it you want to leave behind? Some other questions you might ask yourself are: Do you want to take direct responsibility for your actions? What kinds of websites do you like to design? Are you more excited about coding or actually building interfaces? Do you want to write about design or actually do it — or both? Working as a web designer is hard work, and many times you will have to spend more than 60 hours per week forcing ideas out.

Challenges are out there at every step, and it is purely impossible not to run into them now and then. If you know what you want from life and mostly from your web design career, and you are ready to work hard for it, it is difficult not to enjoy great times. Before making a decision, think about what you want to achieve — then work for it, and sooner than you think you will find yourself on the right path. Do you think you made the right choice? Is there something you would like to change in your approach?

At the age of 15 I started with this web design stuff. Here I am, almost seven years later and I wish I knew a lot more about this field rather than learning just by my own mistakes. There are a few particularities in our field that unless you have a geek dad you would never think about… So if you are aware about what you need to do you can have a much simpler, more productive, and happier freelance life.

The crazy thing is that success is not just about coding skills alone. And I really want to hear your advice and tips after reading this, because we always have something to share, right? Last month I earned barely two-thirds than what I committed myself to earn. One thing that just comes with time is realistic time estimates. But you have to keep in mind that sometimes clients are right, and you are wrong.

Sometimes they actually know more about something than you. In other words, you are your own worst enemy. Once I took an Aikido class. I learned something amazing that day.

Your mind has to control your body. Your body will want to stay in bed for 15 more minutes, and will find all kinds of excuses to keep you away from those crazy physical exercises.

But you have to control your body. You have to ignore those distractions and keep moving. So you have to be around people who see value in what you do. Run away from small gigs, or people who think that your job is just to paste things from DOC to Dreamweaver. Be around of people who you can help, and that will help you in return. Active income is good to balance daily bills, but nobody gets rich with billable hours alone. All your knowledge that is stored just in your files?

All your family photos that make you remember that amazing trip last year? But tools either way are important because they can seriously speed up your web development process. PSD file the format that Photoshop saves in, by default and someone else will be assigned to code it.

If you do happen to have coding knowledge, that just makes you all the more valuable as a designer. These three aspects, the first two, especially, are important to remember when designing websites. The point isn't to show off your skill at throwing together very complicated code, the point is to create a website which is useful and easily used by visitors. A great example of this is Google, one of if not the single most popular website in existence.

They spice things up for holidays with fun artwork of the word 'Google,' but otherwise, the website is about as basic as it gets - and it's all the more popular for it.

Of course, the most important thing is that your client is happy. If your client wants a website with hot pink text and animated images of dancing aliens, by all means give it to them.

Whoever hires you for a design is the person you should be working to please. As you find work, you should always keep copies of every website you design. Put these in an online portfolio for easy viewing by anyone who might want to utilize your services. If you can't seem to find any work to start your portfolio off, you can build a website of your own which you should do anyway, at some point.

This is a great starting point for a portfolio, as well as a way to appear more professional and collect more clients. Web design can be a lucrative job for any work at home mom with a copy of Photoshop and a good sense of style. Work at Home Mom Jobs:

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