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If you are sick and tired of online scams, fed up with getting nowhere and frustrated with wasting your time and money then make sure to check out my number one recommendation. If you wanted to spend a little bit of time on it each week, this could be some extra money for you every month. I kick myself when I think of all the time I spent working for them at such a low rate, so low for the amount of work and time I put in that it is actually embarassing. Obviously the higher your percentile, the better. The amount you earn will vary per task. Dorothy Benner July 18, at 3:

Virtual Bee Review. by David Harris “Virtual Bee”, formerly Key for Cash owned by Virtual Solutions and found at, works as a middleman between businesses and data entry personnel looking to get hired.

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If you wanted to spend a little bit of time on it each week, this could be some extra money for you every month. I was able to get accepted by this company a few years ago when they were known as Key For Cash. I was excited to get in because I enjoy data entry. At the time I started, I was also doing a lot of freelance writing which paid considerably more so it just made sense for me to spend most of my time on that.

At the time I used the site, you had to have earned a minimum amount to make payout and I never worked enough to reach that threshold. This is a good place to go read real user experiences and find out if anything new happens with the company.

Good luck, and please comment below if you have experience with the company you would like to share. FlexJobs is a fee-based job search board, but they guarantee no scams are ever posted, and I've never seen any. Indeed is a free job search board, but you may occasionally find scams there. I believe so, I think they want you to get in the 90th percentile.

I scored in the 98th percentile in May, and was hired in August, to start keying. That amount is paid out to you through a service called Dwolla.

You are required to set up an account on Dwolla and the deposit will be made within 5 days after the pay period ends directly into your account. Everything is communicated to you via email.

You will not be paid anything. I would like to know how the heck someone actually gets hired! I even tried emailing them like some people have posted. That did not help me at all. I would just say score really good on your tests and just wait. I applied to do data entry with Virtual Bee in April and scored in the 99th percentile, I think.

After a temp job at a law firm went sour in November , I was fairly excited to get an email from Virtual Bee saying I could start keying.

Easy, mindless typing work. I told them that was great as I preferred checks and they said eventually everyone will have to switch over to direct deposit. Setting up direct deposit was a whole different ballpark: This was a good company when I got in some years ago when it was called Key For Cash but it has changed a lot over the years. When I started the pay was.

Now the pay has been cut down to. Making payout with them monthly has become impossible. I have since dropped this egg. They are looking for slow workers. If you complain for payment, works are not available forever. And they will silent forever.

Low percentiles get the works. So is it really worth it? The short answer is definitely: I mean, you would basically have to go through those tests, then wait for them to call you to confirm if you are hired or not, then you would have to wait to get a proper assignment and then you should also take the really low rates into account. This method is definitely only something for people who either love to work as a data entry worker or have no other means to make money. Virtual Bee is not a scam, as you can really earn some money with them, but as mentioned above, you will need to work very hard and you would also need to constantly get assigned jobs for this to work.

Unlike other, real fraud methods that I have reviewed here on this blog, this can be a real opportunity. But you will definitely not be able to earn a living doing data entry with them and this method is only good for a little extra cash in your pocket if you think it is worth it to invest that much that time for that little pay. Be sure to check out my no. Designed with you in mind it will teach you step by step how to become successful online.

Great coaches, great training, and brilliant customer support. And the best thing is, right now, you can try it out for FREE. And of course, drinking coffee: Your email address will not be published. I set up IMIR to provide you with honest reviews of the latest make money online products, tools and services. Check out my No. Helping you make the right choice for your online business RSS Feed.

I am fed up with this and will be filing a complaint to unlawfully take away work product. You email them and they come back upset. Then they say that how they counted your work is the way it will be done!!! I am leaving it as it is a fraud that take money away from people who did the hard work and earned it!!! Time for an agency to investigate them! It says 30 cents per keystrokes. My stats are this — Session 1: Today is December 6th, and still no check.

Granted thanksgiving was thrown in there within the 5 day, mail out of the checks. But so far, nothing.. They say wait up to 30 days before contacting support; but who knows what good that will do? I contacted support 5 weeks ago, still no reply. So curious to know — for all of you that tried this website and it failed you, what have you done since? Sadly I was one of those guys that jion Virtual Bee and never got any work.

Thank you for posting this information. Thank you for this information! I was getting ready to join Virtual Bee until I found your review about it. Thanks again for your review and saving me time and effort! Thanks for your info, im about to join this site,coz i thought i can earn good money for living, planning to make it full time. These data entry working sites firstly pay very less and its not worthy considering the amount of time you will be spending on this.

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Lionbridge has been providing work from home opportunities to individuals around the world for over 20 years. We offer flexible working hours while working from home. Our clients are some of the largest and most exciting companies in the world and they need your help to make their products and services better. Virtual Bee is a website that offers data entry work from home and I am pleasantly surprised to see that it is not like 99% of other data entry scams. I think we just . To summarize this Smart Crowd Virtual Bee Review, if you want to make money from home, completing tasks for businesses online is a good way to make some cash. But that doesn’t mean Virtual Bee is the right company for you.