Jewelry assembly jobs from home

Are There Any Legit Work-at-Home Assembly Jobs?

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Easy work great pay offers home assembly jobs such as cd cases, assembling Beaded Jewelry, Circuit Boards, Picture Frames, Key Chains and wooden clocks.

How Home Assembly Jobs Usually Work

In fact, there are some people who can't get their crafts approved no matter how hard they try — many of whom claim that their finished products match the samples exactly and in some cases look even better than the samples they were sent to compare against. This makes me very, very suspicious. The end result here is that you've paid for this starter kit and also possibly spent money on shipping for sending crafts to this company, but you have no money yourself to show for all your hard work.

And you probably won't because chances are good that by now you've gotten disgusted trying to please this company and given up on the whole thing. A lot of time wasted and money spent for no reward. This is why I don't recommend home assembly jobs— because this seems to be the story all too often. And believe me, I have looked over lots of job review boards for some good feedback on many of these places, and the good feedback was so few and far between that I finally came to the conclusion that most of the time, people who attempt home craft assembly come out on the losing end.

Not all of them. Technically, there are two that might be legit. And I definitely don't feel comfortable recommending them, either. That would be a lot of money lost on their end. However, I hate the fact that so many people lose so much money trying to get involved in this with no idea of what it actually entails.

It's not instant cash — it takes time to get your starter kit in the mail, make the crafts, send them back, wait on approval, then probably get your samples rejected and have to try again.

And then there's the waiting game again with shipping stuff back and forth and also the likelihood that you won't get paid for every piece you send in because some won't be up to standard. I can't deny the fact that some people are assembling crafts at home and earning money. You can read this thread on home craft assembly jobs at WAHM and see that for yourself. And if you're one of those people, please don't get upset by this post. I'm not slamming on what you do. I just want to make sure that people who are considering it know what they are getting into.

If you look closely at the thread I just posted above, you'll find many people claiming to have been scammed. No big surprise there as the majority of these companies actually are scams. This is why you have to be very careful when getting involved in things like this. So you're a crafty person and you think that home assembly jobs would be ideal for you because of that.

Well, here's an even better idea: Make and sell your own crafts!! And if you don't know how to make crafts, take a free online class at Craftsy to learn how. If you can make things, you can sell them. Believe me, there's a market out there for you somewhere. You can test the waters by taking pics of your crafts and uploading them to sites like Etsy or Artfire.

If you'd prefer not to bother with the computer, you can try selling at flea markets and craft booths. You can likely earn a lot more money for a lot less hassle.

Entry Level- Jewelry Assembly. Our home base is located in Annapolis, MD. We offer great benefits, a vision and culture that is all about spreading love, being creative Candidate will be expected to produce high quality imagery in a high volume, fast paced work environment We need an individual who can coach, train, manage and develop Jewelry Sales - Sales.

Those who work at Goodwill get more than a paycheck, they go home with a sense of pride, dignity, and a job well done. It offers our customers the opportunity for personal expression through high-quality and contemporary jewelry at affordable prices You will be responsible for selling products, merchandise, and services in a retail setting in order to drive company revenue. Jewelry Sales Professionals Description: Jewelry Sales positions nonexempt provide our customers a superior shopping experience equaled by our commitment to supporting your success.

Customers expect and deserve exquisite merchandise Gemological Institute of America Education would be preferred. In order to be considered Entry Position; General Service and Sales.

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Jewelry Assembly jobs available on Apply to Jewelry Associate, Assembler, Maintenance Person and more! There are lots of companies who offer work from home assembly jobs, but are these gigs legit? Read on to see what I uncovered about these kits and programs. Would you like to . Most of the type of goods you’ll see listed when you’re checking out work at home assembly jobs are made in factories overseas where the costs can be scaled. crafty, and have the initiative to make a go of it, there are ways to make money selling jewelry, art, handmade crafts, and other products you’ve made online. Another option is.