Husband work away from home

Husband works away from home.?

And how, I wonder, would his ex feel about that? First of all thanks to my friend Danielle for posting this on Facebook. I am at wits end. On a normal day Edd leaves by 7 30 and often works till around Offering exclusive content not available on Pornhub. Big community funding update!

One of the hardest things is that the partner who is away is knackered from their concentrated work and then travelling home, but you are waiting for some childcare relief and practially throw the children at them. Or at least I do.

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I just feel abused for some reason, I cannot explain it. What can I do? I don't want the relationship to suffer as we get on well otherwise. When Viagra first became available there were reports of women who were feeling very threatened as they had become used to a life without sexual intercourse and were now worried that their husbands would be looking for sex all the time.

This didn't actually happen and people settled into a new way of making love with the help of medication. You probably had such a strong reaction to your discovery because the sexual act is a very intimate thing between two people and suddenly this intimacy had an interloper in the form of a blue tablet that you knew nothing about.

Because you are not overly fond of sex - and I would love to hear more from you about this problem - I can understand why your husband kept this secret. He may have been afraid that if he confided in you then you would have disagreed with him using the medication and so felt it best to say nothing. You wouldn't object if your husband used glasses to improve his vision, nor would he if you used a lubricant to help with vaginal dryness. Try to see his using Viagra as an aid to a successful sexual experience with you.

There is no need to feel abused and I'm sure lots of reasons to feel cherished. All correspondence will be treated in confidence. The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus maintained that change is the only constant in life, and this is clearly evidenced in romantic partnerships: If you've been part of a couple for a long time, neither of you may recognise the people Brian O'Reilly My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half now, we had a "prefect" relationship or so I thought , but over the past few months for some reason I have had a bad feeling.

Guy Kelly Every once in a while, a television programme comes along that manages to become a water-cooler topic long before it's even begun. Sometimes it's gratuitous violence that starts tongues Husband's job away from home is putting strain on our marriage Illustration: Tom Halliday It is normal to feel resentment in this never-ending cycle of work.

Mary O'Conor January 4 2: Husband's job away from home is putting strain on our marriage. How could I ever trust my brother again after he hurt me so badly? My husband's desire for sex has disappeared - I do what I believe is Irish News Gold for Ireland!

Sanita Puspure powers to world championship glory after Other Sports The original Trip to Tipp: Style Newsletter Stay on top of the latest fashion, beauty and celeb gossip in our Style newsletter. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a The good breakover guide: Shed your old look while also If Hollywood is anything to go by, the traditional Donald and Melania Trump may not have much in Also in this section. Rekindling the spark - how older couples can rediscover the Every once in a while, a My husband's desire for sex has disappeared - I do I have been with How could I ever trust my brother again after he hurt I am having a Does anyone else have a partner who works away in the week, or do you work away yourself?

As always we would love to hear all about it. Lottie loves teaching her girls to be cake baking and crafting supremos. Follow Lottie on instagram buttercreamanddreams. Such a timely post! My husband has been working away for a week now and I am shattered. It is rare that he has to do it and I am extremely lucky that he is able to work fairly flexibly so usually makes it home to help with bed time.

She has been so unsettled so running on very little sleep at the moment. I have huge huge respect for anyone that does this on their own more regularly for whatever reason! Sorry for the slighyly rambling pity party comment.

I was sitting in bed watching peppa feeling sorry for myself when i clicked on your post. I know the shattered feeling well. He also pretty much does all bathtime and bedtime so I kind of get a few days off. It is very unsettling for them and it always makes me sad when the girls ask if Daddy will be at home.

Even more so when Molly once told her teachers that Daddy lives in London! Luckily now they are older they do tend to understand that some nights Daddy will be home and they might see him for 10 minutes in the morning and other nights he will be away. I too miss the adult conversation.

Probably why I speak to my mum every day about boring things like ironing! Hope your week gets a bit better and keep watching Peppa and having cuddles. And look forward to the day your husband gets home! Thank you for sharing this Lottie. Oh my gosh Tamsin — what bad timing! Oh Tamsin, I feel for you but it will be ok. You will just need to plan for the times he is away and make sure you have plenty of people on hand to help you and most importantly keep you company.

You need to find your own routines and little support network. I made some mummy friends whose Monday morning tea and natter sessions were invaluable. Wow Lottie this sounds so hard. All last week Phil was on site till late then off back to site before we woke up so we barely saw him.

You just get on with it. But this can really take its toll and chip away almost without you even noticing but the effects can be deep. Far be it from me to advise a stranger on the internet even though you do feel like our pal!

There always is in life if all parties genuinely want to find it. My friend would not be impressed I used the L word? Neither of which our mid level salaries would entertain! Though… Just spend 2 minutes imagining that set up for a moment? Things can change but it does take a leap off a cliff sometimes… From someone still leaping! It is true that you just kind of find your own way through things. In all this post I never really talked about how hard it is for Edd being away.

In the meantime I can just share all my woes with you lovely lot xxx. Yesterday was the first day in 9 days that husband had been with us. I think this is just his way of justifying that he feels bad about it all too. We have a busy year ahead of us with work and with our social life, so this is going to be a recurring theme in I think! Claire I feel for you. We did go through a phase though where Molly would not even talk to Edd when he came back from a few days away.

She would refuse for a good few hours and then he was favourite again. That was tough on him but luckily she has grown out of it and is used to Daddy being away lots now. Good luck this year, you will get through it xxx.

Oh my gosh Lynsey. Yep, Edd is officially based in Birmingham but his team are also in London so he is down there a lot. He leaves at 5am those days and is home very late. Not quite sure how he does it!! I work 3 days and I try really hard to respect my own time and not do work on my non working days but it is hard. Especially when being a PM means my natural instinct is to manage all the things!

Hats off to you for managing to do it part time. Oh god, yep the career progression is such a debate. I definitely think that will be a good discussion post one day xx.

My husband works freelance and is about to go on his first away job since our son was born 10 weeks ago. This is mostly because 1 I think it will probably be fine but 2 because my husband is already feeling incredibly guilty, sad and worried about being away from us. Edd went away when Alice was two weeks old and left me with a baby and a toddler. I had no idea if I would survive. It is easy to forget how hard they find it so I think you are taking the right approach.

This gives me hope! Our first baby is due in the summer and my partner has a full week working away in the first month following the due date at which time baby could reasonably be only 2 weeks old and then another week abroad the following month. Plus at least two nights away each week normally…so I am very interested to hear your side, Lottie, and also the ways you cope with it! You will be fine India, I promise. We also sometimes have random Saturdays he has to work usually at about 10 hours notice which is sooooo much fun?

He enjoys it, and loves the variety it brings. Scared to what we will do regarding childcare when I go back to work. But I think with anything, I guess we just make it work! I like to know exactly what nights Edd is away and what nights he is home. The long days are something I can relate to though. On a normal day Edd leaves by 7 30 and often works till around He is trying to be home at 7 more which is brilliant.

The days he is in London he leaves at 5 30 and then the day he comes home it is about 10 by the time he gets back. It makes me tired just thinking about it. You will be fine when you go back to work and as you say you will find your way.

Evie, that sounds fairly similar to us. He does a lot of on call weekends which can mean a few emails, and can mean hours of work, and he travels once or twice a month for a couple of days, and those plans are often made a quite short notice. Baby is due in three months, and I am worried about how all this will work when he goes back to work. Huge respect for you all! To echo Philippa a bit I feel like you only realise how tired you are when it stops- you only realise how tightly you are clinging on when you can let go.

Where is the compromise to be made? Is living for weekends and holidays enough? I have no idea how I used to do all the travelling either. I actually rather miss walking out the door and just going to a meeting or hoping on a plane for a two week photoshoot in France yep that was my life!

Lottie this has made me a bit tearful this morning. I know how hard it is when Ste has to work away occasionally. It was probably for about five weeks in total last year so nothing compared to your situation but by god it was hard work! I take my hat off to all of you xxxx. It is definitely a juggling act and is no easier for Edd who hates being away just as much. I feel that it has massively improved my organisational skills! Looking forward to hugs!! Thanks for this article.

If it doesn't work, he could quit or you could rent your house. It was a horror for a year and I couldn't imagine three years. I've seen a lot of marriages break up over this. My father was USAF and then a defense contractor. I went to 4 schools over my high school years. They may mope and whine while they do it, but they'll get over it. Military families go through this sort of thing a lot. However, it is part of the deal going in, and not a drastic change 20 years into a relationship.

Also, there is usually a solid support structure in place for the spouse, with lots of people around who have gone through the same thing. It doesn't sound like you'll have that. If your husband's vocation is in demand in the South I would think he could negotiate a decent relocation package. It's not completely unusual for the new company to pick up your selling costs on the house.

So you'll make a little money and you can rent at the new locale for a year to make sure you are going to stay before investing in real estate again. We did it for 3 years and survived intact. The distance was much much shorter though and allowed for every weekend visits without a flight. For our family, it was my husband who was the one living apart, who suffered the most. With 2 young kids and a full time job, i was busy all the time and our lives could continue on with day to day activities just like they always had.

We missed him but had some normalcy. He did not and took it personally that we didn't struggle more without him. Also, I think we felt pressure to make the time we had together special, which is good and bad.

Sometimes we swept over problems because we didn't want to spend the small amount of time we had fighting. It did make us appreciate a normal in the same house family life though.

One option you might not have thought of-do you have relatives or family friends whom your HS kids could stay with while they finish up? My thought is that if I had a high school freshman I wouldn't hesitate to move. I'd stay for a senior. In between would be negotiable. Alia of the Bunnies at 1: I think the kids will be OK if you move.

They'll be unhappy, but they'll deal. I think your bigger problem is going to be deciding what to do with the house, but talk to a real estate agent or several and you might be pleasantly surprised. The market is coming back. I think it really matters how reliable this recruiter's advice is. If there is any other alternative, then maybe not. Perhaps post an anonymous question with the details of his career path and field and see if anyone else can find other alternatives nearer you?

I did this for two school years Sept - June between Portland and California. The teenager was her son -- I entered his life when he was 15 -- which is a different situation I think than if you have been in your kids lives from the start. Even though the flight time was only 2 hrs, there was the TSA delays and then the driving to and from the airport which was 2 hrs. We did break up 3 years later but I think that was for other reasons.

I cannot imagine trying to keep a full time job and do coast-to-coast travel every weekend. I can maybe see doing this if you are in the SE, but not in the SW -- especially if you are not located at an airline's hub. BTW, consulting isn't a perfect comparison. Consultants have some advantages that your husband will not have: Your husband will likely be out of pocket. Generally, you're not the only consultant at a client site. You have people with whom you go out to dinner most nights or commiserate about missing home.

Your husband will not have a similar network. If you have demands at home, you can usually work something out to get home. Also, about that remote location. Do you mean far from an airport? When I was in consulting nearly everyone lived close to a big airport. Late flights, Winter roads, connecting flights What you're proposing is hard, but it's not completely horrible.

I still travel for work, but usually only 1 or 2 days a week. These days, I try very hard to never be gone longer than 2 consecutive nights. If the flight is less than 90 minutes, I usually go out and back on the same day.

I actually like having quiet time on a plane to do some thinking. You want to go into this with open eyes and alternatives. If it doesn't work out would you then sell the house? My dad did this for a few years when my parents were married.

He is now happily married to the lady who ran the guest house he stayed in while working. This is an extreme example and my parents' marriage was in a terrible state to start with but don't underestimate how tough this will be for the whole family. You as effectively a single parent, your husband as someone who never stays anywhere for more than four nights, is constantly living out of a bag and may feel isolated from his family and have to work much harder to stay involved with the kids lives and the kids who will be seeing much less of their father and also exposed consciously or not to the stresses all this puts on you, your husband and the family life.

My husband and I did several variations on long distance before we got married. Things that were helpful included keeping in touch via instant messaging, keeping spares of various things in both places to ease the transition and finding ways to lengthen the weekend as long as possible. We were fortunate that neither of us was jealous and both fairly independent, but even so there are still times when it sucks to be functionally single if everyone else is part of a couple.

I very much doubt an employer would be willing to pay for trips back home: It's a rare employer who would choose to pay for those home trips in addition to a competitive salary; insisting they pay would probably mean they hire someone else The best plan is to simply move the family to the job and rent out your Connecticut house.

It's not going to kill your high schoolers to change schools I was a Navy brat, and if I recall correctly, I went to 16?


So, I was used to being alone, or so I thought. Shortly after getting married, I realized that I didn’t like my husband going off to work away for weeks. I’m still having trouble coping. I thought that since I was used to being single that I would be okay, but I really wasn’t. I wanted my husband home every night. My husband works away from My husband works away from home monday to friday, we have been together 19years and been married for I suspect that he is having an affair because he's started switching off his mobile, concerned about his apperence and his behaviour towards me as sometimes changed, he gets angry easily. Apr 16,  · Or, away from home as in he goes to an office or other workplace within forty miles of home? I like it that my husband isn't around the house moping around and playing video games all day, but that's just me he comes home every day Open.