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The earliest instances of "work from home" that a Google Books search turns up use the phrase to mean "work away from home. These 10 surprising work-from-home jobs just might make you want to ditch office life in favor of home-office life—for good. Tutor students in person, or even from your iPad. The first clear instance Google Books finds of "work from home" in the sense of "work at home for a company despite having a desk at its offices" comes from Datamation , volume 31 This is a part-time remote position. Since piano tuning tends to be done at the customer's residence or business, it seems likely that "work from home" here means "work for themselves from out of their homes.

In the context of someone working for an employer but one day doing their office work at home, rather than at the office, which one is the correct usage — "work from home" or "work at home"?.

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On the other hand, when you say 'work at home' that means you got a personal task to be completed maybe, cleaning the house at home. So, if you have to fix a door at home, you may say, "Sorry dude, I cannot accompany you. I have work at home". If you are a freelancer and someone asks you about it, you say, "I work from home. To make it simpler -'work at home' means the work already exists at home here, fixing the door and work from home means unless you go and start doing it, it does not exist freelancing work.

The connotation seems to be that your work is still centered around the workplace, but you are completing it remotely. Under this theory, "working at home" would still be preferred in cases where you were self-employed so your workplace is your home or where the work was actually centered at home for some reason for instance if your job was assembling something and you took it home and assembled it there instead.

So the home is viewed as just another business location. Suggested tip to determine which one to use, "work from home" and "work at home". Since "from" is politically stronger for a first person statement, it is better to use "work from home" Ex: I will work from home.

However if you are referring to second or third person, it sounds better using "work at home". You have to work at home. John Smirth will work at home. Combination of course will follow the first person. She and I will work from home. You and I will work from home. You and John Doe will work at home. The earliest instances of "work from home" that a Google Books search turns up use the phrase to mean "work away from home. It is ordered by this court and the authority thereof; that in all publick works of this commonwealth, one magistrate and the overseer of the work, shall have power to send their warrants to the constables of the next towns, to send so many labourers and artificers as the warrant shall direct, which the constable and two other or more of the freemen, which he shall choose, shall forthwith execute, for which service, such magistrate and overseer aforesaid, shall have power to give such wages as they shall judge the work to deserve: When the mothers return to work, which they are obliged to do in a few days, where these [charitable institutions] exist not, or are not used, these nurslings are committed to any temporary care, and too frequently languish and die, or become diseased from improper diet.

It is indeed true, that when mothers work from home, families must be neglected at home; and the voluntary extrusion of young mothers from factories and workshops, and even the limitation of married women in them, would be a national boon as well as a national gain. As a Convergys agent, you take customer calls and provide other services for large corporations.

The company has clients in industries like automotive, communications and media, financial services and many more. Sykes hires agents to work from home throughout the United States and Canada. Although TeleTech offers many customer service jobs at call centers across the U. Benefits listed on Glassdoor include performance bonuses, paid time off and health and dental insurance. Convergys is consistently hiring work-from-home customer service representatives.

You might spend months explaining to customers how to set up smart TVs, and then become a complaint handler when your employer gets a new client. Prep your home for your arrival with a scene that opens the garage, unlocks your door, and turns on the lights. Siri knows which HomeKit-enabled accessories you have in your home as well as their status. For example, you can trigger an accessory or scene based on the time of day, your location, sensor detection, and more.

Set your lights to turn on as soon as you pull up to the house. Have your home turn up the heat at 6: Use a motion sensor in the doorway to turn your kitchen lights on when you walk in. Setting up a HomeKit accessory to work with the Home app is simple and secure.

One app for all your home accessories.

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