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Featured in MoneyWatch How much did the financial crisis cost you in dollars? With a little planning and a lot of hard work, the best college majors will pay off your investment ten-fold with high paying job opportunities once you graduate. Top ranked Human Resources Degrees. You may be able to land some translation jobs as long as you are fluent in your language, though experience would probably help you get higher-paying work. We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on MailOnline. How Do You Become an Accountant? She explains how families can make college more affordable through her website TheCollegeSolution.

top 10 best-paying work-at-home jobs 1 of 11 Based on the latest wage information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following positions represent the top-paying jobs you can do from Founder: B. C. Forbes.

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Content management, people management, copywriting, editing, social media marketing Skills correlated with salaries higher than the national average: Directors of content marketing are responsible for working with teams to develop content strategy and drive demand. They formulate and execute new and effective content marketing strategies, and report on marketing campaigns. They manage and inspire content staff to ensure that content marketing goals are reached.

Product marketing, strategic marketing, marketing management, marketing communications, marketing research Skills correlated with salaries higher than the national average: The product marketing manager oversees how the product is advertised, discussed in press releases, and seen by the public. Product marketing managers can work on local, regional, national, or international levels. A company may look for a product marketing manager with expertise in their particular industry.

Strategic marketing, marketing management, marketing communications, market research, web marketing Skills correlated with salaries higher than the national average: Frequent travel is expected. Large companies that sell products frequently do not do business directly with their customers; instead, they sell their goods through retailers, affiliates, and other outlets. Adobe Photoshop, graphic design, branding, Adobe Illustrator, design Skills correlated with salaries higher than the national average: Regular business hours, although hours may vary by position.

A creative director leads a team responsible for developing and implementing creative work, including projects in graphic design, advertising, music, media, or similar fields. Creative directors typically fall into two categories: An in-house creative director is typically responsible for marketing campaigns and creative tasks for large companies, while a creative director in an agency handles creative projects for a large number of clients.

Marketing management, marketing communications, strategic marketing, advertising, branding Skills correlated with salaries higher than the national average: Marketing certifications may be beneficial. Marketing directors are responsible for managing and directing marketing strategies. Their main duties include creating projects, concepts, and budgets for successful marketing campaigns.

They also help resolve team issues and maintain communication with clients, vendors, and other managers within their company. Marketing directors help brainstorm ideas and measure the progress of marketing projects.

Instead, all of this is brought together in one window to search and instantly apply to a job opening, creating an easier and faster job search experience, and better connecting the right candidates with the right employers. How much do you earn? Help others by anonymously sharing a salary report. If job titles have the same median base salary, the job title with the higher number of job openings receives higher rank.

This report takes into account job title normalization that groups similar job titles. C-suite level jobs were excluded from this report. Are you an employer? Check out our Talent Solutions Blog. We're always looking for experts, executives and trends to feature on the Glassdoor blog. Which other jobs offer the highest salaries? Check out the complete results: Physician Median Base Salary: Architectural engineers need to be able to diagram designs manually as well as through computer-aided drafting CAD.

Since they often work in teams, good communication skills are necessary. Architectural engineers must also be comfortable in different work environments; they often divide their time between offices and construction sites. An aviation manager handles all the operations of the aviation department.

Considering that almost every business in the country runs on computer systems, the role of a computer and information systems manager in any given company is arguably as important — if not more so — than the CEO. Computer and information systems managers, sometimes called information technology managers or IT project managers, are responsible for planning, coordinating, and overseeing all computer-related activities within a company.

A computer and information systems manager career includes evaluating the cost and benefits of a new project in order to justify the expense of a new project to top executives. The information technology manager plans and oversees the installing of all new hardware and software. To remain up-to-date on security options, information systems managers continually study technological advances and determine if and how they can improve security for their company.

Construction managers are often the lynchpin of construction projects. They are responsible for construction sites 24 hours a day. Common duties of construction managers include planning, directing, and coordinating activity on construction sites, overseeing project design, hiring and supervising workers, choosing contractors, and monitoring supplies.

They are also responsible for preparing budgets and estimates, reporting progress to clients, and complying with legal requirements. Construction managers do not typically do any of the actual construction. Biotechnologists develop products from living systems.

Biotechnology commonly refers to genetically derived materials, but can also refer to developments based in microbiology, molecular biology, and cell biology. Biotechnologists work within several different industries including agriculture, food manufacturing, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Biotechnology professionals may specialize in one or more subfields. Specialties include genomics, the comparative study of gene structures; proteomics, which is the study of protein structures; and bioinformatics, which combines biology, computer science, and information technology.

Products developed by biotechnologists include high-yield crops, disease-resistant farm animals, gene therapy treatments, drugs, and biofuels.

Supply chain managers have a tremendous impact on the success of an organization. These managers are engaged in every facet of the business process—planning, purchasing, production, transportation, storage and distribution, customer service, and more! Their performance helps organizations control expenses, boost sales, and maximize profits. Two additional roles focus on facilitation and collaboration.

Because supply chain managers touch so many different parts of the business, they are in a unique position to help other functions execute their strategies. They are also called upon to diagnose and support the needs of external supply chain partners. Here are just a few examples of these cross-functional roles:. Biochemists work with the chemical composition of living organisms and perform studies of the chemical processes involved in all basic life functions.

Through research, experimentation and study, these professionals provide us with much of the background knowledge on topics like genetics and heredity.

Biochemists also collect data for other researchers and scientists, enabling them to make improvements to existing drugs, systems or products. For example, biochemists in the agricultural industry may help develop new and better pesticides to kill insects without harming humans. According to the BLS, telecommunications technicians work in a variety of settings.

Those who install wireless, satellite, cable and telephone equipment may travel to homes and businesses. Some telecommunications technicians work outside and must climb telephone poles and rooftops or go down manholes and into basements to reach wires, cables, and other equipment.

A hour week is common in the telecommunications industry, but storms, fires, and other occurrences sometimes necessitate emergency response to equipment failure. Experienced telecommunications technicians can advance to positions working on more complicated equipment. Advanced positions for telecommunications technicians include teaching, team leader or engineer.

Electrical and electronics engineering technicians help engineers design and develop computers, communications equipment, medical monitoring devices, navigational equipment, and other electrical and electronic equipment. They often work in product evaluation and testing, using measuring and diagnostic devices to adjust, test, and repair equipment.

Geologists are scientists who study the overall matter of the earth on its surface as well as in its crust and research about the processes happened in the past that formed the matter.

Geologists apply the knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology and other applied sciences in their overall research. Geologists work closely in studying the causes and proximity of natural calamities like earthquake, tsunamis, storms, volcanic eruptions, etc. They keep on studying the patterns in climate changes on earth and the surrounding universe to understand the hazards of it for all the living and non-living elements on earth. Industrial designers are responsible for the look of many of the products bought, used and consumed every day.

It is the job of an industrial designer to create, plan and style manufactured goods, including automobiles, household products, food packaging, consumer electronics and medical equipment. An industrial designer considers the usability, ergonomics and aesthetics of common mass-produced items and works to improve the design, function, engineering and marketing of these items.

Industrial designers are responsible for the familiar look of brands and products like Jeep, iPods, and the Coke bottle. Network security specialists monitor computer networks for security threats or unauthorized users. They may identify compromised machines and report on security measures taken to address threats.

Network security specialists also analyze security risks and develop response procedures. Additional duties may include developing and testing software deployment tools, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Some network security workers research, evaluate, recommend and implement other security devices as well. This may include installing computer security software, conducting regular security audits, preparing security status reports, educating users on computer security, creating security documentation for users, assisting in disaster recovery and gathering evidence regarding cyber crimes.

Large companies may employ multiple departmental global managers, such as those in charge of international sales, cultural marketing, or overseas manufacturing. In addition to employee relations and business direction, budgetary and economic outlooks are key concerns of management staff.

As such, an international manager should be extremely knowledgeable in finance, foreign currency, and the overall global market. Mechanical engineering technicians help mechanical engineers design, develop, test, and manufacture mechanical devices, including tools, engines, and machines. They may make sketches and rough layouts, record and analyze data, make calculations and estimates, and report their findings.

Two main types of accountants include financial and managerial accountants. Financial accountants perform accounting tasks that benefit external users, while managerial accountants perform accounting tasks that benefit internal managers.

Financial accountants prepare records eventually reviewed by people outside of the organization. Financial statements commonly prepared by financial accountants include income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

In many companies, financial accountants oversee financial transactions made by other employees within the accounting department. Other job duties may include inspecting account books for accuracy, reviewing accounting systems to determine efficiency and suggesting ways to reduce expenses and increase revenue.

Information systems managers work in every size of organization in the industry and the service sector, usually with a staff of technicians, programmers and database administrators reporting to them. Although the title of information systems manager is becoming more common, job titles may vary. For example, you might be a:. A sales and marketing manager is usually a sales manager who also handles the few marketing duties a business needs. He might help create, proofread and approve ads and decide which magazines the company uses to advertise.

Conducts college-level courses in the field of philosophy. Areas of instruction include ethics, logic, metaphysics, aesthetics, and political philosophy.

May be responsible for preparing and delivering lectures and leading classroom discussions. May offer independent study opportunities to students. In the field, a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

A wide open field. But in general, a chemist searches for and uses new knowledge about chemicals to improve the way we live. He or she may develop products such as synthetic fibers, drugs, and cosmetics. A chemist also creates processes, including oil refining and petrochemical processing that reduce energy use and pollution. Chemists specialize in areas such as analytical, organic, inorganic, physical and theoretical, macromolecular, medical, and materials chemistry.

Chemists primarily worked in research and development in the physical, engineering and life sciences. Many others worked for pharmaceutical and testing laboratories. Health and safety officers use their knowledge and skills to promote a positive health and safety culture in the workplace. They are responsible for ensuring that employers and workers comply with safety legislation and that safety policies and practices are adopted and adhered to.

Health and safety officers are based in a wide range of organizations, from multinationals to small consultancies, and help to plan, implement, monitor and review protective and preventative safety measures. Whether studying cell processes and codes in humans, animals, plants or other living organisms, molecular biologists are needed in a spectrum of career fields.

They utilize their knowledge of chemistry, cell physiology, genetics, physics and other sciences in their career studies. These professionals must experiment to gain results and push the boundaries of their research areas.


Aug 05,  · The 10 Highest-Paying Work-From-Home Jobs. number of people who work from home will grow by 21% by of the highest pay jobs that can be done from home and to see some of the. Below is an infographic detailing 10 of the highest-paying work-from-home jobs, with each of them near, or well over, six figures. We’ve also included job descriptions and related job titles so you can start your search for some of these great jobs. The 10 highest-paying work-from-home jobs. Jacquelyn Smith. Jun. 29, , AM You can earn a big paycheck without ever leaving your couch. Flickr / Erin.