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Google Sniper 3.0 Review – Scam in the Crosshairs

It merely promises to teach you what you need to do in order to make money from an affiliate marketing website. You have to consistently tweak your websites to keep them on the front page of Google too so that you can get traffic. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My Google Sniper Reviews Warning!! You have never launched a sniper site. Some of the methods taught in the training are not good.

Google Sniper is the third installment in the initial Google Sniper program. This is a great starter package for beginners as well as advanced marketers that are interested in building multiple blogs/sites to earn an additional or full time income.

Review of Google Sniper 3.0

Does this one section justify the price of the entire product? If you are new to internet marketing and want to get a basic grasp of what internet marketing is all about, then the main guide pdf does still have some value in it. They state that it can take several days or a week or longer to receive answers to your questions.

They also state that they will not give any support until you have your campaigns fully setup. This basically means you are on your own and need to rely solely on the training itself for support. The main PDF Google Sniper guide was probably a very valuable resource when it was first created, but now serves as a great reminder of how things used to be.

The dated guide, spammy social media tactics, and the fact that you are encouraged to sell to friends, family, and co-workers prior to having any knowledge about the product other than how much they pay you per sale, really bothers me.

While there are some great points in the Bulletproof Manual, it is nothing that is revolutionary or ground-breaking. In short, I would have to say that you need to avoid this course, and search for some of the more up-to-date training courses out there.

When comparing Google Sniper 3. Jay is the founder of Affiliate Resources, Inc. Read more about how Jay helps people get started online. I can remember this guy from over at the Warrior Forum. Thanks for your thoughts Tony, I also had heard about Predator and can recall many complaints about it.

That is quite the upsell sequence. You take some time to read the sales page, you are intrigued and ready to buy Google Sniper, you pull out your credit card and pay and then it happens. Hopefully you review will help folks avoid being scammed and jaded by the industry in general.

Stuff like this will leave people with a jaded view of online marketing. Or even worse, will feel this is the only way you can drive any sort of internet success.. Finally someone had the guts to do a negative review about Google Sniper 3. I was thinking to join Wealthy Affiliate but I had a question for you. As a free member at Wealthy Affiliate, can I get started and make some money and upgrade to premium after i started making money or do I have to upgrade to premium in order to make money?

Again, Thank you very much for such an honest review and probably the only negative review of Gsniper 3. I personally think this round of Google Sniper is a cash grab for George based on how he is marketing this. Free WA membership This is really based on you, your drive to learn AND if you take action by applying everything that is taught. I have seen other free members achieve this and tradition into the paid membership though.

SO sick of scammers. George is a jerk.. HE did not me… I thought It was pretty good. I will say Too many graphics. Did better then I have so far!! I just want to chip in my 2 cents here. I have google sniper 3. My frustration is at an all time high but I said it once to someone else and I will say it again.

I appreciate your wealthy affiliate offer but I have been to sites like this all over the place and here I am years later and somehow I have not figured out how to make a single penny online other then selling my unwanted things on ebay.

I just want to get my life back on track unfortunately I am broke flat out broke and do not even have another penny I can invest at this time. Google sniper used up the last of my money and any money I have left is direct to bill pay. Alright I just go and shut up now. Thanks for posting this though good info here. I understand what you mean…. Sorry to hear Google Sniper is not working for you John….. Congratulations for taking action….

Google Sniper really is a must for anyone looking to make money online. The page eBook guides you through the process, and is reinforced by the step-by-step walkthrough videos. The monthly option of Sniper X also keeps everything up to date, and gives you even more strategies and tactics to make more money from your sniper sites. But that choice is optional…. ED how can you say that it works great for you?

Have you made sniper sites that rank high in Google? To men, Google Sniper 3. Wake up guys ranking is not overnight. People are not crazy who works hard on building backlinks and social signals for getting ranked.

Google is not stupid to give you rankings without putting in the effort required for Good SEO. George Brown should be jailed for lying and telling BS. I submitted support ticket at georgebrownsupportdesk and no reply even after a week. Those sites he show in his manual are merely getting any traffic and they are NOT making him money.. Your warnings and recommendations are and always have-been Spot-On and in my best interests and I appreciate that!

Thanks Jay for putting this information out there so well. So many of us have bought from scammers without realizing it until after the hook. I think it is really a sad thing, because people who are sincerely wanting and needed to create honest incomes, are the ones getting stung by programs like Sniper 3. I actually recall the hype around Predator. I am glad you have the courage to expose this in enough detail that people can see it for themselves. I hated googlesniper it was hard for me to get started.

Jay Thanks for the review. I had heard about Google Sniper some time back and decided not to try it. Your webinars are extremely enlightening. You have just recently put the large Affiliate Resources. Just thought you should know.

Thanks again for all you do for us newbies. I eagerly await your next webinar. Thanks for the heads up about the page being cut off. I was experimenting with a new theme when you were here and now you know the reason why I decided to stick with this one! Thanks for the review. But this site appears to be legit, and very nicely designed, so I can be too sure.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a tools that allows you to create a comparison table for any review you may be writing about and then can embed this on your website. Here is a screenshot of the tool inside WA: This is great Jay!! I am a member of WA and I am looking for a product to promote to my list. I literally googled Google Sniper and your review came up first!

There is nothing free in this world now. Enough with these crab about free online money making and Google sniper Sick of hearing it.

I have been following your training on Wealthy Affiliate and must say thank you for the effort you have put in. I have learned more in the last month than I had learned over years of trying to sort through all of the scams out there! I am busy doing research for my own review of Google Sniper 3. The product has always been dodgy in my opinion, but now I can see exactly how much of a scam it is!

As a last note, I originally opened your review Google page 1, position 1 on my android phone using chrome, the layout cut off most of the content.

Not sure if you are aware of this? I am a student of google sniper now for over a year, I have to say I am very very happy with the product, It is a tough course for a noob, but , You have to learn this as it is a foundation of IM.

Hey Natasha, no problem at all! I too was about to buy this and thought I had better check out the reviews as I have been scammed before or the program was too complicated. I tis so hard to find honest people these days, and it is such a shame for people who really need that extra cash. So thank you so much for being honest. Any help with a real proven program would be much appreciated. Feel free to email me if you have something that actually works.

No problem at all, Justian! Thanks for reading and commenting. Is there a easy and better one then this I really need help and this always sounds to good to be ture.

My doctor is telling me I will now be returning to my nursing field. So I am asking you if you know of any real legit business on line. Have you checked out my free resources page yet? Let me know if you have any other questions. I just finished watching the GS pitch, then I came here to read your review.

I am sure glad I have your site bookmarked. I look forward to all of the reviews that you give on the different products that are being pitched to Internet Marketers. They are honest, and the feedback from others helps others know what the product is really about. Have you checked out my free resources here on the site? Does that help you at all? Glad that I could help, Ivor! Thank you for reading and commenting to let me know that you found it helpful!

Thanks for the honest review. I was just about ready to buy this when I decided to do my homework. I read through some very positive comments elsewhere.

Negative comments were actually deleted! I was looking for something that would help me get some cash to implement something big. Mayby your points are valid, maybe not. That to me is a basic conflick of insteret. If your going to sell something then sell it! If your going to critisize, then make your money somewhere else! You need to spend the money on all of those products and work the site as a full-time job without ever making any money. A legitimate and honest business is one that provides a product or service that solves some kind of problem of a person.

There are all kinds of offers online for marketers and for other people: Many of them are real scams. And when one seeks advice or a review from an expert on whatever subject one is interested in, one can save thousands of dollars, hours and even ones life.

That honest review can save and has saved other people thousands of dollars. That person has spent money and time, which is money, too, to provide us with honest review. And I would be very interested in knowing what is that good product or service that that reviewer has discovered. And I do really expect to see a product or service recommendation from the reviewer.

The reviewer has done that job for me. If IAN has reviewed a product here and he says that it is not worth our money and time, I will expect that he will recommend me a product in the same niche that will be worth my money and time. And I will want to compensate him by being his downline affiliate of that program if that is possible.

Most of us are looking for something that is simple and doable. And if IAN is providing that to us, it is legitimate and honest for him to receive monetary compensation for that if we want to join the program he is recommending. Any way, he has given us this review for free and is giving us free information ebook on how to approach affiliate marketing. Thanks for the enlightening guide.

Before reading this page of yours I came across this and purchased instantly. I almost bought GS! Should u have any recommendation, please let me know. Have you read my eBook or seen the video lesson I did on the 5 rules for succeeding in affiliate marketing?

I am SO glad I found your site. I have now been exposed to this GS sales pitch for at least three times. And I have been real tempted to purchase it, with today being the final deciding time. I am so glad that before hitting that DL button I took the time to do my research and, lo and behold, I came across your site with such an elaborate and fearless review. It was a moneysaver for me and I thank you for it. Although not a newbie online, I am a newbie in the whole internet marketing arena, including affiliate marketing.

It looks like I would have never been able to master that GS product. There always seem to be something missing. I believe this is done intentionally because most marketers want to sell either their monthly continuity memberships or their ongoing coaching programs.

Affiliate marketing, however, is the thing that I would love to do and master. Any recommendations on how to do this with at least some success will be greatly appreciated. If you have knowledge of a good program that teaches affiliate marketing, step by step, in a Dick and Jane fashion, I would appeciate knowing about it.

Please email me with the information if you are so kind. After that I never heard nothing more from them. We should both report them. This jokes have to stop and prevented in future. Way to many BS out there, ripping the hart out of the the beautiful IM way of life. Not mentioning what it does to my vocabulary. Thanks Man Keep up the good work!!

I was about to give it a try until I read this. I have tried other systems as well and afraid once again just to be disappointed. I need to stop trying to think I can work from home and provide for my family.

In reality I just keep getting ripped off. Again thanks for saving me! I watched the video thru to the end just to see how it was spun, and then Googled for reviews and found this site. Thanks for confirming what I already knew. These will always, sooner or later, be fixed by Google so why waste your time and possibly your reputation.

Awesome, thanks for this review. I was actually considering buying this thing. I had no idea what I was buying, all I knew was the tutorial, I think 6 videos of his, that were uploaded to Youtube for free.

Thank you Ian for taking the time to give full details and perspective of this program. You summarized everything everyone needs to know about the Sniper.

For me it was easy to spot the gimmick beforehand by just his use of the camera zooming in and out, this is a tactic to get one to buy. What you did to cut through the BS and explain what this program is all about is far better than be sucked into purchasing it. I also almost went for the sniper x stuff, just googled it and decide to read its reviews. Thanks, you just won a follower in this newbie. Well because I was so busy between work and school I could not make the time to try the system so it sat on my desktop for about 2 months and as of a month and a half ago I decided to try the system and see what all the hype was about.

I come to find out that here I am about a month and a half later and NONE of the 6 websites and counting that I have set up are even listed on google and google has no clue they exist.

But the lie is that this program was claimed to work even the guy who sold it to me told me it would but it does not work at all. At least not for me. I am a broke college student who owes more money in debt to people and companies than I even make a month.

I am full time student and full time working and do not have enough hours in my day for a 2nd job. So what do you suggest? I appreciate your review but a recommended product you suggest would be good as I am lost for all hope and have spent too many long hours and nights looking for money making systems online all of which ended up being scams.

I appreciate the help man. This is why I gave the program such a negative review. As far as a legitimate program, I recommend checking out my review on wealthy affiliate , or the Chris Farrell membership. Both of those are pretty good programs, but make sure you read the reviews to decide which one is best for you. Thanks for saving me Ian!

I just want to know a better reliable program and more information about this kind of market.. So If you can help me out I would really appreciate it.. You can find a list of the only products that I think are legitimately helpful on this page: Thank you so much, I nearly bought this today!! It takes a lot of learning and hours of hard work to get up and running legitimately. Thanks for this post Ian!

Hello Diamond, please check out this page on my website for my recommendations: Hi Ian, Really thank you for the review!

This world needs more people like you who are willing to save others selflessly. Could you please tell me what is the best or recommended affiliate program.. Thanks a lot for the info! Can you please send me an e-mail with a few guides to get me started? I already have a good looking website and want to know how to boost traffic. Many thanks for you review on google sniper, very useful information. Could you recommend a good affiliate system please? I tried to contact a few times already and each time I apologize for bothering you once more but seriously man please can you please help me get started i tried once again and yet again I failed so please please contact me by email or something.

I really appreciate the thorough review of this product. I feel it is always necessary to step back and do a google search of any online business because you just to need to make sure it is not a scam.

Some scammers may even try to cover that base so you may want to check several links before coming to a decision on the system or product. I liked your advice on these posts. I have a full time job but have a lot of downtime to start an online business. I want something that actually works. Thank you guys especially Ian who was willing to spend his money and valuable time to find out the truth for all of us.

So credit goes to you Ian in particular and other supporters too. I would appreciate very much if you, Ian, have time to send me an advice, if possible, plz!

Thanks Ian, much respect for sharing this. Plz send me via email recommendations on affiliate systems. Ian, I was looking at this item but now have many questions thanks to you.

I launched my oldies music blog recently and want to generate more traffic. I have great knowledge and post new content often. What product similar to Google Sniper would you suggest? Any other products that would help my blog from anybody would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your reply. Thank you for the informative review. I am always so skeptical of these kinds of programs. I do wonder if there are any legit methods that actually work.

If you have any suggestions for other methods to investigate I would appreciate it. I have been looking for a system that works but there seems to be too much scam out there. I was seriously considering going for Gsniper until I read your post and now I am back to square one.

I really want to make some money online and am willing to put in the hours to make it happen but I cant seem to get a system tha works.

Any ideas on a good working program? Hi Ian, I ran across your reviews doing a search for a particular affiliate program for sale. It has been very helpful to have a neutral input. I have gotten a few ideas for making money on the internet with affiliate sites and marketing. Seems to be a lot of potential doing this type of business if you get the right training and know where and how to start.

Which leads me to ask you like so many others, what, who, and where are the best programs for a newbie to start with. What are your suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your ideas. Thanks Ian for an honest review. I have been trying now for about 5 months to make money online. Is there anything out there that actually does work for a beginner like me without costing a fortune? Thanks Ian for the Review, I have been trying to make money online for about 5 months now and I keep coming up empty. Is there anything out there that legitimately makes money without having to spend a fortune?

I dont mind putting in the work, as long as I see results. Many thanks for just saving me a lot of money by reviewing Google Sniper 2. If yes, then how do you evaluate it? Would you recommend it for newbies? Can you please inform me if and when you post a review? Many Thanks for you post it really helped me soo much, very useful information. Let me tell you one thing whenever you help someone you are attracting help back.

Good people will always remember you, keep it up with the hard work. And recommend us what is the best affiliate system out there. Thank you for the kind words! Thanks for the honest feedback.

Funny…I watched about 5 minutes and as soon as I saw the name, I searched for feedback and found your site. Hello Amr, thanks for reaching out again. Could you please be a bit more specific? Thanks for the advice and insight Ian, appreciated.

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Google Sniper was a massive hit back in when it first hit the shelves, so it’s no surprise that George Brown has released a sequel to his No1 Clickbank best seller called Google Sniper George says 52 people have contacted him saying his Google Sniper course allowed them to quit their jobs. MASSIVE claims. The target audience for the . Work from home jobs - How to make money - George Brown Google Sniper Below you’ll find just a small sample of the real people (who were once sitting EXACTLY where you are now) I’ve heard from over the years who’ve had success with Google Sniper. Does Google Sniper work or is it a scam? This program works, BUT beware of some of the training cause it's out-of-date. Some of which may penalize your site.