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Wonderful place to start! They made me change it, even if it was reported, which it may have been, could they not have just let it slip? Retrieved from " https: Anyway, my question is how likely would I be to get in trouble or even get banned for buying gold? I'm not sure they ever do.

Apr 30,  · GM'ing from home! Customer Support It has been mentioned before that because of the nature of their tools Blizzard does not want to let people work from home. If you wish to work for Blizzard you'll need to work in either Irvine, CA or Austin, TX. Broform 85 Night Elf Druid posts Broform.

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Boss is more like a mentor than a boss. He carries the load with you and doesn't hesitate for a second to stop and help you if you are struggling. He will do anything in his power to keep you productive but not overwhelmed and he is very understanding. The job is not easy, lots of complains and situations you wish you could say "just play the game and use google" since we need to solve "how to do quests" situations to players and World of Warcraft has a few thousand quests.

Other than that, the job was not fun but the bosses were so cool that you don't mind the work at all. No wonder these guys are so famous for Customer Service. Contracts come and go based on the game they are releasing, once the game is out and settled they will let every new CS go. Was this review helpful? Amazing people, amazing company. Every team has their own culture. The most enjoyable part of the job was the daily interaction with fellow artist and coworkers.

Not Bad But Over-Hyped. I have worked at Blizzard Entertainment for close to eleven years in Customer Support. Though the job itself is full of introverts and encourages you to focus on your work, it is the extroverts that receive all the promotions. They do promote from within but any degrees earned, past experience, time already worked at Blizzard, none of that matters. You get one shot via an interview for positions that you may wait years for an opening to come up in and if you have any kind of interview anxiety, you will not get that promotion.

Working in Support is a nightmare. Most of the people who work there for any kind of extended time end up with neurological disorders. We have military vets that did fine in combat that end up with anxiety, we have a large number of people that end up dealing with depression. You face customers that dehumanize you, scream at you, and basically hold your career hostage through the almighty survey system.

These are customers that are basically addicts to video games and if you have ever dealt with an addict that is denied their fix, then you have an idea of how they can be. There are often Staff that cry on the job from the sheer amount of abuse that they take from customers and because we have to sweet talk even the most meanest customer for a better survey rather than tell them what actually needs to be said, you have to ignore the constant fight or flight instinct telling you to either run from this customer or fight back.

I do not care how mentally strong you are, you ignore this for too long, and your body and your mind will strike back at you. These customers are asked to give a logical assessment of your work but the company sells an emotional experience via video games and that is the type of answers you get in your surveys which determine if you will stay employed or get promoted or be able to take advantage of certain programs within the company.

Most of the time, the answers you will have to give to customers are predetermined but you will still be the one that takes the hit on your surveys which are not even mathematically sound. They also continue to raise the bar on minimum requirements for quality and right now it is so ridiculously high that I cannot foresee being able to stay employed there for much longer.

One bad week can make it difficult to pass your metrics, and two bad weeks can bury you. They try to say that the ratio of good to bad customers evens out, but we are talking about people with different triggers, personalities, etc, that you get at random, and the only way for it to really balance out would be a larger sample size than just a few months.

Your immediate Supervisor is great. They are helpful, but how much help and support you get from them is sort of luck of the draw based on which Supervisor you work under. Beyond them however, there is a disconnect and management staff beyond your immediate Supervisor do not care about you, only the business. They make all the decisions for better or worse, and if it is a bad decision, Support has to live with it. I do not think they do this maliciously, I just think they are under-qualified to make the decisions they are making.

If you want to bring in new technology, you consult someone who is an expert with the type of tech you want to bring in, if you want to change a system that will affect who gets fired and who gets promoted based on customer interaction, then you want to bring in the experts who make sure your decisions are sound.

They do none of that in Support. The only thing that Blizzard has going for them, are the benefits are fantastic, the games are great, and there is a great culture there. Blizzard as a company really does care for its customers, and that is a rare thing these days. The CEO cares for the company and its workers, which is also rare. Travelling is done through teleportation to specific coordinates. WoW GM pic on flickr. What would be the outcome? Is there any reason to go back after all this time.

It will usually be restored an exception could be if it happens multiple times on the same account. If it can be proven that the account was shared, there will be a warning or a ban. For as long as I worked there, no high-level characters got old enough to be deleted.

I'm not sure they ever do. What is the best way to convince a GM to give you a name change when your name mildly violates the naming policy?

I tried for 3 years back when I played, since I was slightly intoxicated when I made my character , and none would before paid name changes were real. What are the best ways to convince GMs to be kind to you, or side with you when it is played by ear? What is the best way to get more info from a GM aside from "That is working as intended" or "That is a known issue" et al?

If you tried for 3 years it probably doesn't really violates the naming policy at all, or it is too mild to weigh out the fact that you are trying to use the naming policy to correct your own mistake. If it truly is an offensive name it would be changed, especially if someone else reports it. Whenever I gave the "Thats working as intended" answer I would explain why if the person asked.

Might not work with all GMs I guess. GMs are not really allowed to give you any more info there. The only way you would get more info there I guess is if the GM slips up and tells you. Weeks before WotLK was released our guild decided to farm Naxx 40 so a few of us could try and get the rest of our T3 pieces before it was changed forever. Two days prior to the release we were raiding Naxx - I had an open ticket regarding a misplaced armor token - and the GM pst me right before our Four Horseman pull.

I asked him if we could resolve the issue after the fight. He politely conceded and before we pulled I told him that tonight was my last chance to get the Corrupted Ashbringer on my Pali and asked him to wish me luck. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, could you have made that happen if you were the GM? The answer is no, a GM could not have made this happen. He might have been able to see that it would drop but he couldn't have put it there.

Your answer leads me to my next question about drops. I understand that they're random, but is the drop item for each boss already determined per the raid ID? So that no matter if we kill a boss in the next 2 minutes or 2 days it will drop the same item? I wasn't sure if it was some sort of living algorithm I almost picture the item IDs constantly in motion, and the second the boss is killed the action stops and that's what determines the loot. But evidently that's not the case? Loot is determined at monster spawn afaik.

Not sure if it will remain the same for the specific raid ID, but I guess not. Did you ever get any time to fuck around and go one shot some bosses or raids? But it had to be extremely amusing the first few times i imagine I ran a server emulator at home just to check some stuff out that I hadn't seen yet. As we weren't really allowed to do that stuff you couldn't go crazy with it. There are some nice powerful knockback spells that you can use to throw players through entire zones, you can also have some fun just moving players around, putting their characters in weird spots where you can't really get normally like in trees or on top of buildings.

How did you get the job? Were you required to be at blizzard headquarters when you worked? How much did it pay? What are some of the GM abilities that you had? Hmm I figured blizzards bot detection system would be fairly secretive. Did you have to sign a NDA regarding this? Do you know of any cases where GMs abused their power? Yeah, the NDA covers most of this kind of stuff. There were very few cases of GM power abuse, but I know of a few cases. Most were cases where someone would help a player or guild.

It really is not an issue. Any un funny business and you get fired. When you weren't working as a GM did you still play WoW on a separate account to relax and enjoy yourself or did being a GM take the fun out of the game for you? I did in the beginning, then I got bored and didn't really play at all. I think having the job was part of the reason I got bored, but most of my colleagues played alot.

So when I report people for botting. Do you guys even do anything with that info? Or just add their name to a pool of people to monitor?

I can't speak for the current GM teams since I don't work for Blizzard anymore. When I did, we used the info. Though I think most of the bot pwning is done without relying on reports. Did you ever feel bad having to deal with someone that was doing something that clearly wasn't a violation of any policy but so many people complained about it you had to do something about it?

I remember in burning crusade the first night I got my epic flying mount I spent minutes flying into Kazzak, aggroing him, and then flying away before he hit me. This caused him to basically non stop spam all of hellfire with his voice and text. I got the feeling when the GM finally got to me that he thought it was hilarious but so many people were complaining he had to do something.

He even teleported me back to Shattrath after I died right in front of kazzak rather than making me spirit heal because retrieving my corpse would have caused spam at least 4 or 5 more times. I also recall an occasion when I wasted a good 15 minutes of a GMs time because my drink straw broke and I was having difficulty drinking my coke from Wendy's.

That bastard could've closed the ticket any time but he played along. When it happened we all agreed that it was the right thing to do.

IIRC we didn't do anything about people messing with Kazzak in the way you described, but specific procedures like that tended to change. Especially for new content. Pointless conversation like the Wendy's straw thing could be fun. You could always start dealing with other tickets at the same time. Sometimes I just played along until the player got bored with it. Why does the the GM island have portals? Why not give GMs the mage teleport spell? And how do you get to the GM island without console codes?

It doesn't, but I remember that it did when I ran a server emulator at home. To get there without console codes you need some teleport hack I guess. Or get moved there by a GM. My server I ran at home for a few days to look around was 1.

I just assumed they were put there by whoever made the server emulator software. No need for portals when you are a GM. I hate people who use dead bodies to spam their website in Stormwind, what's the best way I can help the GM to get rid of them?

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to making gold. I usually just do a spurt of dailies for a few hours once ever couple of weeks to pay for repairs and enchants on new gear. So basically I float around between and g. I have an alt I've been leveling up and I've considered just buying 5kg for epic flying on him.

It's pretty cheap cheaper than what my time is worth I think. Anyway, my question is how likely would I be to get in trouble or even get banned for buying gold?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. Click here to search AMAs by category! Cloudbric 17 Sep Author, Investor, Founder and prev. Assassination Nation 25 Sep 5: AMAs should be about: The process took 4 weeks. I was initially approached through an employee reference. That was followed by an initial phone screening. A take home programming test was given. That test I expect is a test that changes based on what position you are applying for.

Once the test was handed in, I was brought in for an on-site interview. The On-Site interview was a full day interview process.

It was mostly made up of 1 hour sessions with 2 or more people in which they ask you about your qualifications and any questions that are relevant for them. These sessions included technical interview portions as well as "fit" portions to ensure that you fit the mold of the Blizzard culture. There was about a 1 week delay for each phase of the interview, after the initial phone screening.

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Part of Activision Blizzard. Type Subsidiary or Business Segment. Blizzard offers its online gaming service that enables millions of players around the world to A Look Back at 10 Years of the Blizzard Internship Program Ten summers ago, we opened our gates and welcomed the very first group of intrepid Blizzard interns onto our campus.

Activision Blizzard Activision Blizzard is on the Fortune list. Why Work For Us?

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Blizzard Entertainment is a premier game developer and entertainment company. We pour our hearts and souls into building fun. Home. Games. Blizzard Hard work, iteration and polish go into the Blizzard “secret recipe,” but the most important ingredients come from talented people who share our vision. If that sounds like you, join us. Blizzard Entertainment hourly pay trends based on salaries posted anonymously by Blizzard Entertainment employees. Highest 13 Companies With Enviable Work From Home Options; New On Glassdoor; Highest Paying Jobs in America This is the employer's chance to tell you why you should work for them. The information provided is from their. See what employees say it's like to work at Blizzard Entertainment. Salaries, reviews, and more - all posted by employees working at Blizzard Entertainment. 13 Companies With Enviable Work From Home Options; New On Glassdoor; Highest Paying Jobs in America; Salaries; Interviews; Blizzard offers a competitive insurance and benefits /5().