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$13.50+/Hour Making Calls On Your Smartphone

I have been researching and many of the reputable companies want dsl. I was going through your list and Convergys does in fact require a land line and if you are working for certain clients, you will need to have the clients service. It does not pay a lot, but it also does not take any of your time. How long does it take to get hired from start to finish? What is the vacation policy like? My goal for this post was to find things that have potential to pay more than just a few bucks a week. I have applied twice and have not heard back.

Work at Home Phone Jobs Not Requiring a Land Line. By Anna T. Share ; Tweet; Pin 98; it does not have to be a land line. You work at home doing phone mystery shopping for this company. including Voip, a land line, or a cell phone as long as your call quality is good. Convergys. I could not get a response from Convergys to confirm.

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Because the system works partly on photos that users accept or decline, and if its not a fair community there is no point. There are tons of customer reviews on the app though:. Good luck and let us know how it works out for you. Are You looking For Online Business? They Will Give You Money. Slidejoy is also a great app to make a few extra easy bucks. The app also just added different options to play games, participate in surveys, download apps and more.

You get paid in points carrots that equal a penny per carrot. I do believe this only works for android. If you do download the app, make sure to disable your current option to open your phone to your home screen in your main settings. It can get aggravating to keep sliding your phone open twice after awhile, luckily it is an easy fix: And many other exciting rewards by getting required points. You can earn points by signing up,completing your profile, completing offers of installing and opening or playing free apps, Referring others and you also get point when your referrals get points by completing offers.

Also there are daily bonus points and points your earn on answering trivia questions. So hurryup and download Grabpoints app from Google playstore.

They pay you with real money cash only which is easy to cash out at selected retail stores and extremely user friendly. Easy quick jobs available online and wechat app. Good luck and happy jobbing! The article is a great way to get ideas!

But among those apps , exactly how many are working in India , just tell me some of them which works here too , i have iPhone so tell accordingly Thanks! This is a useful article. Only question will it work in India? I just now bought smartphone, so I wish to try what you said here. I believe GymPact will work in India.

Not sure about Locket and Viggle. Hello dear, In the past 10 min I was so careful attended and busy to read your post. I was really wanted to get some money as my pocket money. But have windows phone. In that case I am very unlucky. I would love to tell you more about it in hopes of being included the next time your write about this space.

Looking to use my note 4 and make it pay for itself. Do you have like a top 10 list? Please advise Sincerely ADM3. You need to try them out and see what works for you personally. It pays you through Paypal to try apps and games. You can even refer your friends and you both get extra points. I have reviewed this page and I love your list, but I am not convinced that you can actually make money using these applications.

Are these apps a good way to make a second income? Kimberly, These are ways to make extra money. Hi Tancy, Does it text your friends ads?

Has anyone tried http: I like it cause it doesnt take a lot of time. Anyone know of similar services? You can also try this site, which has a mobile-friendly part. You can then cash in the points for gift cards like Amazon, Target, and so on , or get cash through paypal. I would like to know if you could help me find an olive job thst I can use from my galaxy phone. I help that you can please help me it would be very appreciated. Thank you have a bless day. Use this code and earn bonus credits.

The fastest way to earn points is by downloading apps you can delete them once you get the credits and watch videos! I started using it a couple of months ago and it really does work. You simply scan take a photo of your receipt and gain points, amount of points depending on the amount of the receipt.

Perfect for a little extra cash. I too recommend ReceiptHog. Receipt Hog is one that I use too. Not a ton, but every little bit counts. Hey Guys I found this amazing app name cash pirate On play store ……….

You will also get you referral code after successful registration. Hi Holly, I also came across Ringhop dot com where you can charge people to call or text you.. Are all facts about these apps still accurate? Yes, these are still accurate. There are many more that have come to the market — so I plan to update this post soon with even more. Hi holly I am Waseem I want to earn money so how to I earn real cash money what I do my phone is lenovo first which app I am download pllllz I want to real money how to earn money.

Its name is Apprivate, you can find it on http: The app is called Cash Quest App and they have a few explainer videos on their site that explains the app in detail — http: Holly The App Locket used to pay per swipe but as Mel stated they have changed their policies.

They do still reward you with redeemable gift cards from more than retailers. And you are correct at the moment they are dedicated to Android devices only. I use it on an old spare phone. Hopefully they will support other platforms in the future? I really loved the article you shared. I found a lot of awesome new resources. I tried the FreeEats. Thanks for the article! Have your tried Field Agent?

Is it any good? You can fill surveys or play games and try apps to earn gums and get money for free! You can try it using my link if you want to: I have tried Locket. I never figured out how to get paid for it. It only showed news articles. Do you have any advice for using this app? Maybe someone else will chime in …. To make money with your smartphone, just go to the App Store on your phone and search for the apps above. Let me know if you need further help. Hello Holly are you still online..

I am from israel and looking for something global.. I pay my rent and bills by working through my smartphone, real work, real pay. But its called apptrailers. You can watch videos, rack up points and use points to get amazon,PayPal money and a lot more. You can upload videos and get points. Its avaliabe on android and iOS. No, these are free to use. Just download the apps on your smartphone.

You can search in the application store for them by name. What type of work are you looking for? Have you checked out this page? Our App Instant Rewards was recently featured in seventeen magazine and on several other media outlets. We have over 50, users and 4. Jingit, Checkpoints, Appjoy, Gigwalk or adfun we beat them in all categories. We also pay more and offer both paypal and Amazon giftcards as a cashout method, and unlike all of our competitors we are open worldwide not just limited to the USA.

In conclusion I believe your readers deserve to be informed about the best apps around and quite frankly one of the best apps ours is not included in this list. The Link to our app is: Hello Ruby well am a Ugandan highly interested in such apps that make me more money on my phone but its some how hard for me. I was requesting of how you can be of help to me thats if you can help me. Mrs Rubi you should ignore these things. You are right Ruby when a CEO is writing something very important for his business, he must be impeccable in grammar and punctuation.

Hi Stephanie, Thanks for that warning! Which apps are bull? Ryan — you can read reviews on all of the the apps at the app store. Hi Stephanie, Which ads are bull? I want those apps that can make me real money fast! Hope to hear from you soon! Hi Christine, Stephanie is referring to Instant Rewards which is not included on my list.

The only reason I am not down loading this app is because your reviews were too poor for me. Its great I recommend that one. Are you a scam? Well I see a lawyer tomorrow afternoon to resolve this and channel 6 news here in Maine is going to do a story on it this weekend as well as The Sun Journal.

Hi Nancy, I emailed Michael and told him about your comment. Crossing my fingers for a speedy resolution! Hi Nancy, Michael emailed me to let me know that he has made payment in full to your PayPal account. Good day, please am in Nigeria. Please reply through my email address trikings. Your email address will not be published. Comments Does this work in South Africa? I believe Swagbucks does. She lives in Cape Town, but runs a blog and works with freelance clients all around the world: Any online money making app for people in Nigeria??

Sorry to hear that, Missy. Hi Daniel, You can try Swagbucks — they are available worldwide. Try checking out FlexJobs for international listings: They are cool, but any app I can use from the Philippines? Try Swagbucks, they are available worldwide. Looks like Gym Pact is no longer working: Just to let you know so you can update your site. Thanks for letting me know, Amanda! Come See For Yourself!!!

These articles will give you a great place to start your WAH job search: Sounds like lots of opportunities to spend money. Hi Jacqui, These are the apps that I use on a daily basis: Good luck and keep me posted! Check it out at: Thanks for sharing this information.

Im in fl i need to make money asap using my phone. Hi Glory, These are available in Florida. I was looking for locket and I found slidejoy. Are anyone of these available in the philippines? Hallo i am really intrested in this programme how is procedure am from Africa Kenya. Take a look at FlexJobs for international work-at-home jobs: Do you have anything for south africa. Anything at least R50 a day….

There are tons of customer reviews on the app though: Most companies pay via PayPal or gift card. By the way great helpful post. Thanks for the suggestion! Looking forward to trying some of these.

I will post comments about the ones I try. I had a hard time doing Receipt Hog, they could read none of my receipts. Shopkick is the app to download!!!! Lucktastic You can scratch cards to earn money or points towards gift cards and more Found these sites during a review online by some Youtubers. Oh, the surveys too. Usually I get a survey to answer if I bought something from Amazon. I guess it would be good for a consultant or coach. The Work at Home Woman is for geared for U.

Please check out FlexJobs for global opportunities. Thanks for sharing those information, does it work well in Nigeria. Thanks for sharing, Lola. I may have to expand this list — so many new moneymaking apps!

Locket does not pay people to use it. They used to but changed it. I could not get a response from Convergys to confirm that they do not require a land line, but people who have worked for them claim one is not needed. This company does not appear to require a land line as it is not listed anywhere in their tech requirements. Enterprise typically hires in specific US states. You can check here to see what openings are currently available. Support hires remote tech support agents.

They do not require a land line. All calls go through a USB headset. Some prior experience in tech support may be required. Go here for more details. Work at home doing cold calling. Calls are routed through your computer to a USB headset.

Go here to apply. Hires across the US. Pay is base plus commission. You do not need a land line phone. Go here to apply at Marketlink. You have to be able to install software that allows you to take calls through your computer.

They will provide you with a headset to use. Go here to apply at Windy City Call Center. This company hires people to take inbound calls regarding health club and gym memberships. No land line is needed. They send you all the equipment you need to do the work. Go here to read more about ABC Financial. Sitel used to require a land line, but a reader commented below that she was just hired by them and was told that none of their projects require a land line now.

Go here to read more about Sitel. One of my readers let me know in the comments that Sutherland is another company offering home-based jobs where no land line is needed.

This is telephone mystery shopping, and you are allowed to use any sort of phone, including Skype or Google Voice. Note that this is not something to rely on for full-time income since you will not always have calls to do.

Go here to read my review of Call Center QA or here to sign up directly. They use the Five9 dialing systems software, so you don't need a land line, just a USB headset. Go here to read my review of Oasis Marketing Solutions or here to check for openings.

Getting a land line may still be a good idea. If you find a work at home job that seems ideal for you but requires a land line, try checking around to see how much one would actually cost you before totally dismissing the idea of working for that company. It's also worth noting that with many companies, you won't be required to get a land line until after you've been hired. So it's still worth applying! You likely noticed that, while the above companies don't require a land line, most of them DO require a headset.

They vary in price from very cheap to very expensive, so you can most definitely get one that fits your budget. If you know of other companies not requiring a land line that I didn't mention, please comment below! I am completely new to all of this and would like to know what you would recommend to someone who is looking to start working from home. I do not have a land line and I have a MAC.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!! After years of working inbound call centers, I really want to get work doing call center work from home, since the last of the the centers in town has just relocated out of the USA.

I live on a busy street, and even with the windows shut, I can still pick up some passing vehicles and an occasional fire truck on my USB headset. Technology is truly amazing. Now, you can work from home and practically talk to the world without worrying about long-distance charges. Voice Over Internet Protocol and other such tech now allow you to do this. Hello, fellow job seekers! My name is Rayvan. I am a 23 year old single mother of 3 who recently has ti move back home to mom!!

Needless to say that is very unfortunate for me, but to add onto that, we di not have any type of pc or laptop!! All i have is my cell phone! I am in desperate need of a job so i can get back on my feet!!

Landlines are not a possibility anymore in some areas. The phone service is completely digital. So thanks for this post. I can give an update on Parameds. I worked there from November to July I only know of a few people who still have their WAH position and they have been there for awhile. Probably most of them will require a desktop. The ones that are not phone support like Pierce Eislen and Onpoint, Nextwave, etc. Does anyone know of any WAH positions available to Californians?

I was going through your list and Convergys does in fact require a land line and if you are working for certain clients, you will need to have the clients service.

Another Idea For Working From a Mobile Device

The Wireless Home Phone is the perfect solution for customers who want to reduce their monthly bills. Keep your current home phone number or set up a new one. Wireless Home Phone by . Home; Newest Jobs; Non-Phone Jobs; Get New Job Leads In Your Inbox! This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust. Many of these readers have asked me to come up with a list of work at home jobs for smartphone users where a computer is not required to do the work. I'll be honest, I wasn't. 7, Work At Home Phone jobs available on Apply to Customer Service Representative, Reservation Agent, Customer Support Representative and more!