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They taught me everything else, and I was able to start almost immediately. If you're looking for a telecommuting job, take Katies advice and map out your job skills. The Military Spouse Employment Partnership is a program to connect businesses with military spouses. In fact, you may want to save it for later on Pinterest here. According to Flex Jobs, many of these companies even have ties to the military that might help military spouses get their foot in the door with their demographic know-how. Career training opportunities include taking classroom and virtual courses about how to become a better recruiter, as well as visiting fulfillment centers to job shadow various roles for which she recruits.

Work for a Major Corporation – Companies like Xerox offer work from home opportunities including customer care, administrative support, data entry, software programming and much. The even have a .

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One of the biggest challenges for any military spouse is the question of employment. Should you work? If so, where? How will you ever grow your career if you’re changing locations every years? Will companies even hire you if they know you’re attached to the military? Is it worth the effort? The great news is that there are tons of resources and opportunities available for military spouses now, thanks . Power’s military passion has led her to attend military recruiting job fairs and networking events as a platform to share her story. “Although I work from home most of the time, my managers do a great job of making me feel included in all office and team events,” she says. I think we ALL would rather Work from home for careers as military spouses. For many military spouses, one of the biggest stressors on that never-ending PCS list includes finding a new job. I didn’t have the added stress of restarting my career as a military spouse in the Sunshine State.