Best jobs for stay at home moms going back to work

Life After 50: Derailed by the 'Mommy Track'? 10 Tips to Get Back to Work

I took 6 months off after each child was born they are 19 months apart ; had a babysitter come to the house for 4 hours a day so I could get some time in my studio; and as they grew up and went to school the hours in my studio increased. The one immutable, enduring difference between men and women is maternity. Although, who are we kidding? For a position with minimal drama, move to Southern California. Whether you want to sell greeting cards or door knobs, being your own boss rules. Talk about your "sabbatical": Raising money for a good cause can put a decent amount of money into your bank account as well.

Looking for a Stay at Home Mom Job! We have 7 great jobs for moms, plus 2 brand new ones for ! #momjobs #momlife #mom One of the best jobs for stay at home moms who love their four-legged friends. this sound great I used these products in high school they were awesome. how does this work im a stay at home mom I have a 18 months old.

Is it biweekly or weekly pay? A great job for a stay at home mom or dad , retired person, college student, or anyone looking for an extra part time income that could grow over time into a Chicago, Illinois - Black Diamond Technologies. Visiting Angels Hygeia of Pittsburgh.

Do you want to help out someone in need but want the Because we believe in this opportunity and want to maximize exposure please excuse these few keywords income tax, tax, tax preparation, franchise, credit repair GlassDoor - 2 days ago - save job - more Dallas, Texas - Umbrella Tax Solutions.

This is the perfect position for a stay at home mom who would like a job that can work with their kids school schedule or someone who only needs to work a few If you are a stay at home mom , this might be perfect for you!

Looking for someone to help out during busy times Position could be perfect for a stay at home mom or dad. We ask for some self designated office hours and the ability to work from home Paralegal salaries in Wethersfield, CT Related forums: Wethersfield, Connecticut - Forrest Law.

This is a great opportunity for a stay at home mom , retired individual, or college students looking to make extra money View all Maxim Biomedical, Inc. Customer Service Representative - Appointment Clerk. Customer Service Representative salary - Appointment Clerk salary. Be the first to see new Stay At Home Mom jobs. Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me.

Customer Service Representative salaries in United States. Based on , salaries. Customer Service Representative salaries by company in United States. Every day, thousands of employers search Indeed. Apply to jobs on the go Use the same resume to apply to jobs from your computer or mobile device. Get started on Indeed Upload Your Resume. Indeed helps people get jobs: Over 10 million stories shared. I can't stress enough how important the group dynamic is, especially when you're trying to make major changes in your life.

Get out there and talk to people, letting them know your plans to return to work. Gather information, seek encouragement and learn something from everyone you encounter. Stay in touch with them and, when appropriate, ask for help. Review your clothes, hair, makeup: The impression you make on a potential employer is important, but equally important is how you feel about yourself.

If you know you look polished and put-together, your confidence level will soar. Check out the appropriate chapters in " The Best of Everything After 50 " for simple tips. Know who you are: It's smart to have a good understanding of your character, nature, work ethic and strengths and weaknesses.

Do you want to work inside, outside, with people or alone? Knowing this will clarify a lot and will help you decide the right path. When I was ready to re-enter the work force, I knew that I wanted to do something to help other women, and that's when I realized I should write this book.

Every one of us has something to offer, and, arguably, women who are returning to the work force have even more. Take stock of your talents, skills, experiences and contacts to get a better idea of what you are truly qualified to do. Keep your skills up to date, and learn new ones if you need to, especially if you are considering entering an entirely new field from what you had been doing before.

Spend time figuring out which companies have the best track record of hiring women, and especially women who have been out of the workforce for a while.

Use search engines, but also check out the websites of women's magazines. They occasionally do "best companies for women" articles. Companies do, in fact, exist that try to accommodate women and men who are in need of flexible schedules, for whatever reason. Talk about your "sabbatical": Many professionals take sabbaticals to renew, refresh and even to do research. Instead of calling it the "I quit my job to raise my children" period of your life, refer to it as your "planned sabbatical. Write about who you are and what you can do.

Companies are often eager to find employees they can train who have strong characters, moral centers and work ethics, not necessarily those who have already done the job elsewhere.

We may all sometimes pine for our former employed selves, but that doesn't mean you should especially during an interview convey regret for having stayed home for several years, or however long your sabbatical was. Instead, talk in terms of what you accomplished, how it was part of your master "life plan," and how you are now ready to return to the work force, prepared, excited and motivated.

The problem, as I see it, is that 20 years after Felice Schwartz wrote her article, we are almost in the same place. Of course there have been improvements, but necessary changes are too slow in coming, and young women who are just now entering the workforce are worried about how they will deal with the inevitable question of "Mommy Track" vs. Schwarz called "treasured resources" -- are still not being offered flexible schedules, or opportunities for re-entering the workforce, without sacrificing status, position or salary.

It's disappointing that women in this country are often still penalized and criticized no matter what decision they make. Recently, I started a discussion about this on Facebook and asked Facebook friends mostly women over 45 to tell me about their own experiences. Here are a few examples of those who figured it out along the way reprinted with their permission:. I stepped back from a management role to part time sales for about 5 years. I wanted the primary care of my babies to be provided by my husband and me.

The only thing I sacrificed was a few years of my career and I have no regrets. Restarting my career was difficult, but I just want to do what I love and love what I do. I am fortunate to work for a company that values people over profits and allows working women flexibility in their jobs. When my son was born, I stayed home with him and didn't go back to work outside of the home until my daughter went to kindergarten.

I was a stay-at-home mom for ten years. It was hard going back to work after having been out of the workplace for so long. My confidence was low, but it returned after I saw that I could manage everything.

My job allowed me to be home when the kids came home from school, so that really helped me not feel guilty that I wasn't there for them as I had been. I stayed home for 10 years while having my children 3. I went back to work when the youngest was 3 years old part time. Continued onto a full time career as if I never "skipped a beat". I am very thankful that I was able to take that period of time to be at home and raise my 3 wonderful children.

I don't feel it ever "interrupted" my life or career but rather gave me back so much more doing one of the most important jobs in the world. No, I didn't stop working when I had my kids.

I've always been in the restaurant business so they simply went to work with me. I took the morning shift, opening the shop, dealing with deliveries and suppliers. Yes, it was difficult but I enjoyed having my kids with me. We made it work. I had switched careers several years before having kids for two reasons: Raising my kids at home was important to me.

I took 6 months off after each child was born they are 19 months apart ; had a babysitter come to the house for 4 hours a day so I could get some time in my studio; and as they grew up and went to school the hours in my studio increased.

'Returnships' Help Stay-at-Home Moms Get Back to Work. When former stay-at-home mom Lori Hill decided to return to work after 22 years, she knew it would be a challenge. But she wasn’t. Interview Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms Returning to Work. By Sharon Reed Abboud, many of America’s 5 million stay-at-home moms may find they need to go back to work. Explain with confidence that you stayed home, because it was the best decision for your particular family and that you are now eager to reenter the professional workforce. stay at home moms, work from home; Be the first to see new Stay At Home Mom jobs. My email: Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. Sales Representative salaries in United States. $57, per year. Indeed Salary Estimate. Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These.